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๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽŠCelebrating 10k Followers with: Undefined Gooselet!๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽŠ

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After almost 3 years on dev.to I finally reached 10,000 followers! :D

When I started blogging in 2017, I thought nobody will even read my stuff, so:


It was a new years resolution, I wanted to blog once a week for one year to see if something comes from it. I almost did it! I did 52 articles in 2017 but missed a week because of sickness, but I didn't let it slip and wrote more articles later!

I wrote about JavaScript, WebPack, React, AWS, severless, APIs, Reason, Rust, Node.js and what not. I even had many guest posts about topics like machine learning and DevOps!

Blogging led me to update one of my tutorials on GitHub regularly, which made it so enjoyable that I got offered a book deal by \newline in 2018, so I wrote my first book, and it sold hundreds of times!

In 2019, I got approached by a few companies to write articles for them, and two weeks ago, I did my first online tech talk:

So, what would be better to celebrate 10,000 followers on a blog about software development than software?!

Inspired by Honkify, which was, in turn, inspired by Untitled Goose Game, I created a bookmarklet that lets you cause shenanigans on your favorite websites!

undefined gooselet

The goose is loose on dev.to:

Reviewed by my loved ones:

  • "This may be the best software you ever created. You did honkin well!"
  • "I'm proud like a mother! This is why we exist"

And in the spirit of hacktoberfest: Pull requests are very welcome! (because it's really buggy at the moment XD)

GitHub logo kay-is / undefined-gooselet

A bookmarklet that lets you honk & drag images around!

I hope you have fun using this bookmarklet and if you got a boring weekend ahead of you: I'm waiting for your PRs! :D

If you like my content on dev.to so far: Follow me on Twitter and GitHub.

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Awesome Kay, I admire you endurance. Well deserved, well deserved. But keep them gooses away from me :P


That's hilarious :D :D

But seriously, how can I ever sleep again???????????

Also u should follow me back, you never know what it's good for :)

lol, the account got deactivated because it doesn't conform with Vimeos Terms of Service. What?! XD

Do the Terms of Service forbid goosing around? What the heck :D

Animal cruelty probably, lol

Whelp, switched to Youtube, maybe that works better.

Itโ€˜s really cool, hope it stays


This is so funny instant gollow everywhere. Lol Congrats Iโ€™m hoping to get to that level one day.



99% of that code is basically a jQuery plugin for DOM physics, which I didn't write myself, haha.


But you did create something and that something is cool.


Thank you! ๐Ÿค 


I cannot honk, I am on a mobile, so sad๐Ÿ™ƒ