Tech Talk: Debugging AWS Lambda functions with VSCode

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Hey, last week I gave my tech talk about debugging AWS Lambda functions locally with VSCode and now it's up on YouTube.


Zoom didn't allow me to use my camera (don't know why), but at least the mic worked and I think it was a wise decision to pay a bit more for it.

Thanks to Renato for doing this with me! It was fun and I think I'd do it again. Next time with working cam.

If you are interested in other topics, write a comment and I'll see what I can do :)

Also, here is the GitHub Repo

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More more ! :D <3

Totally by accident ive been checking out dashbird last week and it looks promising.


Hehe, nice!

I agree, more is better!!! :D


Simple, yet effective hacks that truly save a lot of time when debugging on VSCode. I enjoyed very much co-hosting this talk with you Kay, looking forward to the next collaboration!



I enjoyed it too!

Let's see what we can teach people next :D

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