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#40daysofHybridCloud (Day-5)


Today I have learnt about CLOUDFRONT
I have given a brief idea about Cloudfront in my previous post.

today we will discuss little more about the same , like why it is used at the first place ?

Cloudfront is a kind of service in AWS which allow data present at certain places or location around the globe so that specific data can reach to the client without any delay or at low latency.

Cloudfront is using CDN(content delivery Network) which allow the content to be placed in all over the servers in the location where Data centers are not established , so this CDN stored the data in cache format specially for the static content .

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Difference between static and dynamic content in terms of CDN

  • Static :- Content which are not subject to change like photos, videos etc .

  • Dynamic :- the data which is subject to change like code files and database structures etc.

Now Edge Location are the locations where this CDN servers are present and help the static data to be stored in form of cache and the data which is not present will be delivered to edge location from Origin(Data center).

The process of providing data from edge loc to client is called called Proxy method.

Now during this process of retriving data from CDN or Edge location there are two types of term used:-

  • HIT
  • MISS

Now this HIT is occurring when the data which is demanded by client is present on edge location then it is called as HIT or otherwise if Data is not present on Edge Loc then it is called as MISS.
After the MISS occur the request is sent to origin(S3 or EC2) by process called forwarding.

We can also make then access permissions for data stored in S3 by the Cloudfront only instead of client directly reaches to the S3 to get the data from the origin , In this way we can avoid getting unwanted request to S3 .

With the above mention operation Cloudfront give us lot more flexibility in terms of choosing between the users or clients as we can also select which region to allow to see our content or website and which to not also called Geo Restrictions.

We often knew the terms called Whitelist and Blacklist

the areas(IP's) where the access is given for the content in AWS services is termed under Whitelist.

the area or region where content is not displayed by services are called under Blacklist

Happy Learning :)

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