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Sahil Kaushik
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#40daysofHybridCloud (Day-2)


Previously we have learned about very basics of cloud computing , now going further i would like to discuss more about this ...

On Day 2nd ,I have gone through various ways to connect or communicate with the AWS some of them are :-

  • GUI (AWS Management Console)
  • CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • Programming Language (SDK)

As per now we will focus on two of them that are GUI and CLI.
we also know that GUI is manual and both CLI and Programming is Automation.

lets discuss the user part here as By-default AWS have Root user which have indefinite power over all , so in order to interact with AWS on regular basis we have to create one more user which have limited access and can perform useful operation which are needed .

what is the use of another user account for AWS ?

As we all know that in today's world every thing is not done single handedly , therefore team are formed with various members , different person are performing different roles so if we share the root access with all of them then members can perform operation that can be done by Admin , in-order to avoid this situation we have user account.

In AWS we called this service as IAM (Identity Access Management)
same kind of service in Open-stack is called Keystone

While in WEB UI in order to do LOGIN we need two things that are

  • username
  • password

Same in CLI mode in order to log in we need Access key and Security key

The user which is created is having all the power accept few like:-

  • cannot create new user
  • can not see billing info

Now in order to login through CLI we need four things that are :-

  1. AWS access key :
  2. AWS secret Access key :
  3. Default region name :
  4. Default output type :

Login to the CLI mode we can perform various commands of AWS

like for creating the instance following data is required .

Alt Text

After you logged-in successfully the screen looks like :

Alt Text

using command like:- "aws ec2 help" we can find various cmd's

some of them are shown below :-
Alt Text

and at last the result will look like in our CLI is :-

Alt Text

hope you all find it usefull ...

*Happy Learning :) *

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