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karataev profile image Eugene Karataev ・1 min read

One day I was reading DEV and noticed Ben's post saying that there are more than 250k registered users. "Wow, that's a lot" I thought.

Couple of weeks later I saw the post describing the current state of DEV API. And I thought it'd be interesting to have a bird eye view on the DEV users landscape.


And here we go

  • 250k user avatars in one place
  • hover on an avatar to reveal username
  • click on a user avatar for more info on dev.to website
  • search for a user Search

There are just 250k users, so users registered after mid of October 2019 are not included.

Technical details

Let me know if you have any questions 🙃

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A cool idea would be to try to re-arrange the profile pixels so that together they form the DEV logo :)


Yeah, great idea and I guess it's not that hard in realization. We just need mostly black and mostly white avatars and position matrix to fill with images.
I regularly see posts here on DEV with ideas for side projects to level up developer skills. I think this idea is a great fit!


Haha! Was just about to type basically the same thing and then looked down to see if anybody else already commented with this. 😀


I'm seeing a lot of empty images - are these user's which have deleted their accounts? For example 3001 is empty for me!


I have the same question. Several blank users in a row make me think that some bots were weeded out during some cleaning procedures.


some bots were weeded out during some cleaning procedures

I think this is mostly the case. I believe least one of these is gaps a dual account creation bug where we needed to go back and purge a bunch of people who got new accounts upon logging in instead of logging in.


Very cool! Could you arrange all users geographically? :) That would be fun to see!


Thanks! There is a nice overview of DEV users' location based on public data

90% of the users don't fill their location, so we can build the wall of avatars by location for ~25k users. Anyway, I'd love to see the result 😉

It would be fun to serve a static website showing the real-time map of Dev's developers. I'll add it to my endless side projects folder :D

Yes, something like this would be great see for DEV users.
map with avatars