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Backend Developers — Top Trending Stories this Week.

Backend Developers — Top Trending Stories this Week.

Backend Developers received some fantastic content in the past few days, and here, we share our favorites.

5 Most Scalable Backend Development Languages/Frameworks in 2021–22: This article shares the top 5 languages/frameworks for backend development to rule the roots in 2021 and the coming years…

You don’t want to miss the COMMENTS in this article 😂

Why are backend developers making a comeback in the market?: This article highlights why Backend developers seem to come back in more demand these days. If I see recent job trends, more companies are now asking for a Backend developer…

It would be best if you had read this article to better POSITION yourself for the JOB MARKET.

Top Java Serialization Interview Questions and Answers: Serialization in java is the process of converting the state of an object into a byte stream, which can be saved as a file on the local disk or sent, over the network, to another machine…

If you’re a Java developer, then learning these Java serialization interview questions is a MUST.

5 Must-have skills for a Backend Developer: This article will explore the most critical technical and non-technical skills for a backend developer and why it is crucial to learn these skills in today’s ever-changing world of technologies and tools…

If your mentee asks you for the SKILLS required to learn Backend Development, what will you say? 😏😏 Find out in this article.

Rust Programming Language: The Ultimate Guide: This is the most comprehensive guide to the Rust Programming Language online…

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