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How to find Remote Backend Engineering Jobs

How to find Remote Backend Engineering Jobs

I was sitting in my home office one day and went through a deep thought after getting laid off a few months ago.

In my mind, I was like:

“OK. It is time to return to the job market and send resumes to every backend engineering job that fits my candidacy.”

But how do I even get to see these jobs:

So, I made a list of about 10+ different job boards I will keep track of and set alerts for when they post any Backend Engineering job that fits my search results.

I clung to these thoughts and started tracking these job boards.

As days passed, I consistently applied to 5–10 jobs daily after reworking and repolishing my resume to match the job I was applying to.

As I progressed, the number of jobs I could apply to reduced drastically to either 1 or 2 daily, and we all know that Job Search is a numbers gain.

The more you apply, the more you stand a chance.

While this affected my speed in getting a new job, I also discovered something that was causing the delay in applying for jobs.

I discovered that:

  • It takes me a lot of time to search these job boards for backend engineering jobs.
  • It takes a lot of time to filter through each of these job boards for backend engineering jobs that fit me.
  • It takes a lot of time to apply to each filtered job.

These and more were the real problems. If you’ve ever searched for a job before, you've noticed that you keep tapping on a lot of Job boards that are not easy to keep track of.

As a developer, I came up with a solution:

I told myself, "Why not create a bot that goes to these job boards, does the filtering, and emails you every day the jobs that fit your candidacy.”

When searching for jobs, you face four challenges that don’t relate to the job interview.

  1. Thinking of the platforms where jobs are posted
  2. Filtering the job that you want
  3. Polishing your resume to fit each job
  4. Applying and keeping track of the jobs.

Trust me.

The first 3 are the most challenging of all.

What if you can eliminate the first two, then use AI or different tools to eliminate the third one, and then manually apply to the jobs?

This method will save you time and help you play the numbers game well.

Here’s what I did in my case:

I created a bot that searches and filters through 10+ Job Boards and sends me 10+ Backend Engineering Jobs daily.

I use a resume editor to edit and repolish my resume to match each job. Then, I applied by clicking the apply link in the job alert from my bot.

I created this bot years ago to curate backend engineering jobs specific to what I want.

This bot helps me save a lot.

  • I saved time searching 50+ sites
  • I saved time filtering jobs
  • I got the exact job for me
  • I got many interviews & offers
  • I still use it for hunting

Now, I have converted to a website to help backend engineers find backend engineering jobs easily.

Check it out: Get Backend Jobs.

What do you think, and how will the bot help you?

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