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Senior Django Developers here?

Can any senior django dev tell me how to master Django like I created e-commerce site, blogging platform, but still i feel like i don't know django very much.
Can you tell me how to get some real world Django experience that i may show to some recruiter.

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JoelBonetR πŸ₯‡ • Edited

Did you code that e-commerce and the blogging platform following tutorials?

I'm not a python guy (I just use it few times to toy around with ML) but in my career I coded professionally with different languages (C++, Java, C#, PHP, JS...) and there's a common inflection point; if you rely on tutorials/courses only you'll be always a junior.

Pick any weird idea, not necessarily a marketable thingy. Start building it and add crazy features in the process.
A poker game that also lets you optimize JPEG images? Why not? Adding a contact form into it? Deal!

This way you'll face different challenges and you'll work out your problem solving skills and your knowledge on the tools you're using.
You'll need to check the reference of both the framework and the language, ask Google many "how to" in Django, fall back to "how to" in Python if Djando doesn't provide a standardized way to solve your need and so on.
Also breaking the issues into smaller ones is an important part of the learning path.

Also, we're talking about a framework here and a good way to improve the overall skillset is to know better the language and the platform it's built upon (Python in this case, and any Python runtime environment compatible with Django).

Hope it helps somehow! 😁

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Yevgeniy Kosmak

Hi, I've written an article as a reply to your question. So thanks for the inspiration :)