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kallmanation profile image Nathan Kallman ・2 min read

In response to the cry for help:

Here's everything you need to know about series on!

Making a series

If you remember from the previous article, there's two editors here on DEV.

For the Basic markdown editor, simply add series: My Series Name to the front matter (aka the stuff between the dashes --- at the top).

For the Rich + markdown editor, click the Post options button at the bottom of the editor (the little circle with a hexagon around it). editor buttons, including the Post options button

Then, enter a new value in the "Series" input box to create a new series, or click one of your already ongoing series. Post option pop-up editor

And you've made a series!

Actually making a series

If you preview or publish your first series post, you may notice something.

Nothing happened.

This is because will only include that nice series list at the top and bottom of the article (as you can see on this one) once there are at least two published posts in the series. (This also applies to new unpublished posts in the series; in preview they will not appear in the list and only appear once they are published).

It makes sense, but probably is not intuitive the first time you try to make a series.

So to actually make a series, you will need to actually write a series (of posts :) ).

And you may return to old, already published posts and edit them to add them to a series. So if you've written a "standalone" article; then realized you have a great follow up; just add them both to the same series and viola! Instant series!

That's it. I hope this helped answer your question @CoolCodekid.

If you have your own question, just ask in a comment. I read all of them and would love to add another post in this series that will actually help other writers in this awesome community!


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Thank you sooo much! Life saver 💯