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After writing up your post, tagging it, and publishing; you might think all that's left to do is let those sweet, sweet unicorn reactions roll in!

But don't neglect one last very important step for your article's success. Post management.

On your published post's page or on your dashboard, beside the Edit button, you should now see a Manage button. This will take you to a page with three main sections:


The first section provides an overview of the article and three important actions:

  1. Edit (same edit as other places)
  2. Delete (scary!)
  3. Pin to profile post management screen showing overall information and edit, delete, and pin to profile actions

All I'll mention is that pin to profile brings the post to the top of your profile and is limited to 5 posts at a time being pinned (see my profile for an example of what this looks like).

Suggest a tweet

Probably self descriptive. Suggest a tweet to the staff. If they accept, they'll tweet your article out from one of the DEV twitter accounts! post management screen area to suggest a tweet

Target to experience level

If you wonder what this maps to; it corresponds to what people have self-selected from their UX settings. post management screen area to select post's targeted experience level between 1 and 10

And don't worry about any negative repercussions from selecting the "wrong" experience level. From looking through the code, this seems to only boost your post to those that match in experience level; there's no filtering for posts that are "too simple" or "too advanced". Not selecting an experience level will always be worse than selecting one.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helped you with some of the more minute details of post management on

If you have a question about writing on DEV, just ask in a comment. I read all of them and would love to add another post in this series that will actually help other writers in this awesome community!

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amananandrai profile image

I would like to know what is the duration for the updation of views on a post. As you know that DEV doesn't show live views of a particular post. It updates after sometime so I would like to know what is the average duration of update of no. of views of a post.

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Nathan Kallman

You know what? so would I!

...sounds like I need to dig into forem and do a little research...

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Nathan Kallman

As an addendum to this article: DEV has since removed the Suggest a Tweet section of the post manager 😔