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Windows 10 - Deleting Data

DISCLAIMER: I am not the person with the issue, that will be from a person who I talked to after they made complaints in a Telegram group about their day. I do not have a complete picture, and only information from this person, so some things might be incomplete or incorrect

Below is proof I got permission to write this:
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Today, I got word that a Windows 10 forced update installed itself on people's machines, might not be everyone but people will soon, or have already, deal with the update. I saw information that this update of Windows 10 might delete files. After hearing complaints from a Windows user in a Telegram group, I have a couple things to quote.

The person in question is named Dean, however, they recently complained about a Windows 10 update that started without prompt, the person saying "Windows just deleted my personal information. I've lost my Documents and my Pictures..." without prompt because this would be the cause of a bad day.

They sent a picture along with their complaints.
Alt Text

Dean has made it clear that he is furious as he lost pictures of his dog from his machine, even saying he will switch to Ubuntu after the update caused trouble.

His specifications for his hardware show no fault with Windows 10's hardware and even saying that everything else but his documents and photos is fine, but if his mom wasn't an "information hog", he would have lost memories that were close to him.

I wrote this article not as a reason to switch to Linux, but understand you should at least back up your data just in case this happens to you in the update! Keep online, in-house, and off-site backups of your data JUST IN CASE something like this happens, as it might not be an OS update that causes it!

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Chris McKay

I would love to say that something like this is totally isolated to Windows, but I've had random Linux updates in the past wipe out my desktop path and my projects path (thank goodness for SVN at the time). Backups are a must because any developer (including us) can do something purely by accident.

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Luckily most Linux distros that aren't rolling release don't force updates. Rolling release... well that's what you signed up for.

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Primož Ajdišek • Edited

Well first of all this can happen on anything and no one actauly looks afound(besides arch users) if update breaks or deletes stuff even on linux so even if updates arrnt forced it doesnt help if you just update.

Second if i was him i woulf look into onedrive before complaininh since it appears he is using it and maybe cache got deletrd and he got signed out or something like that
Why do i think he is using onedrive in path of location there is onedrive

And backups are a must no matter where you are and what you do

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🦄N B🛡

Yet another burn victim in the firestorm that is information "security" in software.