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What Microsoft does RIGHT.

After I made many articles kinda bashing Microsoft's flagship product Windows 10, I really want to talk about their good side. While Windows 10 is something I hate, you cannot deny Microsoft does make fantastic products. One of them is going to probably get me killed (even my Windows users), but still. None of these are in any particular order, just as I think of them. I might also miss apps, so if you think of anything, post them.


Java done perfectly. I love C#, as a programming language, I just want to use it more. The only reason I don't use it is that I simply don't have it in my memory, and I prefer other languages at this time. I still love it.


Another fantastic language. It earns the title of "JavaScript with superpowers." I haven't used it much, but still. Many love it, and I wish I had more PWA's I need to make. TypeScript feels great to write.

MS Office

While I much prefer LibreOffice, that's because of personal preference. MS Office works well, and it is valid to love it as office software. That being unlike some online office apps.

MS Paint

Iconic, yet oddly powerful. While MS Paint is associated with bad art, I have seen MS Paint used to the max. MS Paint is a valid art tool, and it - if used with care - can make excellent art.

Visual Studio

Great IDE, I just wished it worked on Linux. Easy, simple, great for developers. It having a free version is also a plus.


A code editor that uses Electron as it should be used. It implementing TypeScript and modules as it did, just made it a perfect tool. I use VSCode for everything, and it's so powerful I can't even use other apps because it feels weird. Even the themes and extra tools just make it all worthwhile.

Edge Browser

Even pre-chromium Edge was nice. While it is a bit weird, it still is just good. Now, this isn't going to be the one that get's me killed. For a built-in browser. It's just fine. It had tools I love, and now it is based on Chromium while keeping the tools, great.

Windows Phone

The only issue with Windows Phone was the poor plans and the integration with Windows 8/8.1, which was why it was hurt. It needed to follow Android or Apple. Open licenses, or self-building. If it wasn't for it trying to have it both ways hurt it. As a phone OS, just good. With Nokia, just fine. I loved the Windows Phone OS. Please don't kill me.


The last language, I promise. F# is C# made functional with it looking like Python. I love F#, and it feels great. I love it, and it's just an amazing language. I recommend it.

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haruanm profile image
Haruan Justino • Edited

About the VSCode, to me the problem is, it is too heavy for an editor (like chrome, eat lots of RAM).
Still a great tool, the way that it deal with extensions and the ecosystem created is really good.

kefahi profile image
Kefah T. Issa

Agreed, for me it is both heavy and sluggish (I have a high-end laptop). Unfortunately I'm stuck with vim and similar until something is done.

haruanm profile image
Haruan Justino

Same here, I use neovim with vim-coc for autocomplete.

patarapolw profile image
Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited

MS Office

I would disagree. Some of the things better use server model, like Spreadsheets. So, some online office apps is better (Google Sheets). You haven't seen Excel broken, have you?

For things in MS Office I think is cool are usually get less reputation -- MS Publisher, MS Access.

For MS PowerPoint, Apple does better (with KeyNote). MS just win by pure marketing.

As for MS Word, and sometimes even MS PowerPoint, I have my qualms here.

So, for both (actually mostly only MS Word), LibreOffice can be better.

bigpod98 profile image
Primož Ajdišek

Well for spreadsheets yes something server can work better do there you have ms office online
Powerpoint does what it is supposed to at least for me but i never do anything to fancy
Well for wors office beats libreoffice anyday for me i had few bad experiances with libreoffice i do not want a repeat of

v6 profile image
🦄N B🛡 • Edited

The core security model of their modular/hybrid kernel doesn't get enough love, IMO.

kailyons profile image

I personally don't know the core of the NT kernel, so I have nothing to say on it.