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Thanking the 404

Hey friends!

This post is a different one, kinda breaking the routine a little. This morning I got a notification from DEV that I had a new follower and that now I have exactly 404 followers on here.

Honestly, the specific number made me laugh. It's the first time I think I been happy or felt good by a 404 ever in my life hahaha.

But most importantly than that funny event is knowing that there are over 400 people following the stuff I write here (probably much less considering the bots or some rarely active accounts.)

I never really paid much attention to those numbers in any social media network but here is actually special like it means something more than vanity metrics, besides folks here, are on a different mindset and this community has become my new tech home.

I didn't start writing to get followers or to become popular or anything like that, it was part of one of my "new year goals" as I wrote on my first post this year

Since then I've encountered a lot of obstacles that all newbie writers face when starting out and trying to make something useful, plus writing stuff that would pass my inner critic's approval has been quite a big challenge.

I've been learning a lot from the articles here, getting to know really skilled and talented individuals and benefitting in general from the community that I wanted to contribute back and share the stuff that has worked for me and some of my friends in hopes that it will help others who haven't been exposed to that kind of topics.

All in all, I want to thank everyone that is part of this 404 group for paying attention to what I've posted here or for giving me a vote of trust by pressing that "follow" button.

Like some people say "If your work can help at least 5 people then it's worth it." And with this amount, I see that it's been more than worth it.

Thanks to you all for being part of this journey and giving me a reason to improve my writing and refining what I've learned in order to share it and make it accessible at a wider scale.

thank you

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Waylon Walker

Happy to be a part of your 404

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Juan F Gonzalez Author

Thank you!!