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New year, new goals

Hey guys!

So with the new year started and I'm getting back to my routines, I want to make a goal this year of taking all of what I've learned and info I accumulated over the past few years and share the practical things and insights to a broader public, at a greater scale. I've already started doing it personally last year but there's a cap of how many people I can talk to on a daily/weekly basis.

I've seen how being in the tech world has changed the lives of many people as it has been the case for me too, so with that in mind I thought it would be valuable to share what I've learned from so many others in hopes that I can shorten the path for others that are just getting it started.

I'm no expert at anything in particular. The whole idea of specializing in one particular thing never resonated with me. I'm more of a "knowledge broker", a vehicle to further expand what's available to some people but still haven't reached the majority.

Funny enough when I was in college, there was this whole profile of an engineer they expected graduates to be and I never fit into that image, further enhancing my outcast look. So I ended up searching and learning by myself a lot of different topics not directly related to tech but they were more like "complementary" skills which have become like second nature to me but now I realize they are not that easy to come for the majority of my colleagues and other people working in the tech industry.

I realize this is going to be quite the challenge since I'm not used to writing blog posts and there's like a ton of things I rather do than to sit down and write. But like I said this is not for me, or to create my brand or create content to drive traffic or whatever other things that one could think of. This is in a way to bring closer different worlds and areas of knowledge that are normally separated and don't communicate with each other.

Think of this experiment as a way to say "we put a lot of effort into honing our skills and getting better at our craft of developing great software, but how much better will our work be if we put a little more effort into developing ourselves first?". That's the overall idea that of the goal I'm trying to accomplish here.

I'll write a post or two talking about technical topics and challenges I had to deal with at work since most of what I'm doing is quite new to me, also with the intention that it can help others who may have come across the same issue (or as many others say that person would be me in the future).

So that's pretty much it, this post was a way to set my intention and holding me accountable to the challenge that this will represent for my 2020 self but as some have said before... "No good things have come out of comfort zones".

Thank you all for reading and make the most of your day, Today.

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