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🔥2023#7: Craft prompts for LLMs by Prompt Engine

Hi JS developers👋
JSTools Weekly newsletter, issue 2023#7 (hot JS Tools) just released.

hot JS tools, issue 2023#7

prompt-engineA library for helping developers craft prompts for Large Language Models

envlessOpenSource, frictionless and secure way to share and manage app secrets across teams.

jendeleyjendeley is a JSON-based document organizing software.

devalueGets the job done when JSON.stringify can't

Like JSON.stringify, but handles

  • cyclical references (obj.self = obj)

  • repeated references ([value, value])

  • undefinedInfinityNaN-0

  • regular expressions

  • dates

  • Map and Set

  • BigInt

  • custom types via replacers, reducers and revivers

QwikTapeDo calculations, annotate like you would on a paper "qwikly"

camomeLight weight, accessible UI framework for React and CSS

heliumHelium is a frontend web development framework for building highly contextual, dynamic and personalized learning experiences.

pythagoraGenerate integration tests for your Node.js app by recording server activity without writing a single line of code.

zenstackSupercharges Prisma ORM with a powerful access control layer and unlocks its full potential for web development.

graphql-httpSimple, pluggable, zero-dependency, GraphQL over HTTP spec compliant server, client and audit suite.

solid-devtoolsLibrary of developer tools, reactivity debugger & Devtools Chrome extension for visualizing SolidJS reactivity graph

See full list of hot javascript tools

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