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✨2023#7: AIcommits: Create Git Commit Messages With AI

Hi JS developers👋
JSTools Weekly newsletter, issue 2023#7 (new JS Tools) just released.

new JS tools, issue 2023#7

aicommitsA CLI that writes your git commit messages for you with AI

hotscriptA lodash-like library for types, with support for type-level lambda functions

scribble-diffusionTurn your rough sketch into a refined image using AI

tailwindcss-iconsUse any icon (100,000+) from Iconify, for TailwindCSS

semantic-search🕵️‍♀️ An OpenAI-powered CLI to build a semantic search index from your MDX files.

toolformer-zeroReact app implementing OpenAI and Google APIs to re-create behavior of the toolformer paper.

openai-streamsTools for working with OpenAI streams in Node.js and TypeScript.

react-hook-form/coreFramework agnostic hook form core lib

mirrorfulSimple, open-source design system infrastructure.

vue-signals📶 SolidJS-like reactive signals for Vue.js

vant-nuxtVant module for Nuxt

nuxt-permissionsNuxt module for permission management

nonchalanceThe easiest way to augment DOM builtin elements.

  • No polyfills needed, all modern browsers just work™️

  • elements can be either created from scratch or upgraded on demand for graceful hydration

  • fits into 228 bytes (runtime) or 576 bytes (default) once served minified via default brotli settings (280 runtime or 666 via default gzip settings)

micro-tsA minimalist template to create packages with TypeScript and microbundle from @developit

  • Pre-configured microbundle repository 📦

  • Pre-configured eslint and prettier 🛠️

  • Pre-configured jest and ts-jest 🧪

nuxt-pre-hydrateSafely run pre-hydration steps on the client with Nuxt 3

  • 💪 Prevents hydration mismatch on client

  • 🏁 Fully configurable

  • ⚠️ Experimental and under developemnt

rollup-plugin-pureAnnotate functions as pure for Rollup

  • ⚡️ avoids end-users bundling unused code

See full list of new javascript tools

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