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New Meetup group and an upcoming kick-off event

Andrzej Mazur
HTML5 Game Developer, Enclave Games indie studio founder, js13kGames compo creator, Gamedev.js community firestarter, Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter publisher. 🕸️🎮
Originally published at Medium on ・1 min read

I’m pleased to announce that we’re continuing with the online kick-off and awards ceremony events together with Sascha Depold from eBay, and this time we’re moving to our new home on the Meetup platform.

If you remember the events from last year, then nothing much is going to change, as the format serves us well. Sascha Depold from eBay is going to be our host for both the opening kick-off meetup and the closing awards ceremony. The difference is that we’re moving away from eBay Europe Technology group to our own at It’s still going to be organized together with eBay though!

You might’ve noticed the formal creator of the group itself is meet.js - they host our on-site Gamedev.js Warsaw meetups as we’re part of the bigger JavaScript family here in Poland. We’re thankful to them for providing us the resources we needed.

Please join us online on August 13th at 6 PM GMT+2 so we can celebrate the tenth edition of the js13kGames competition together! Also, three days later we’ll conduct an online workshop for all who don’t know how to start, but want to participate anyway. See you there!

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