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New js13kGames t-shirts in the shop: 2023 and… Badlucky!

We’ve shipped js13kGames 2023 t-shirts before the end of last year, so the swag packages reached even the furthest parts of the globe already. Now it’s time to add 2023 design to the Shop, and toss in a brand new bonus: Badlucky!

Participants should’ve got their packages already (if you didn’t, please get in touch!), so it’s fair to open up and offer 2023 design to everyone. To make that even more interesting, we’re adding an extra item - Badlucky t-shirt with the lovely black ninja cat who is a star of the Triska Reloaded minigame.

There’s a -15% discount for ALL the items in the shop right now, so feel free to use this opportunity and grab whatever you are missing from your collection. Also, don’t forget the unique 2012 design is still there as well.

Every single purchase will support our activities and secure the future of the competition, so THANK YOU SO MUCH for that!

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