How do you discipline yourself? Idea and tools

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So lately I'm trying to be more organized and I'm trying to work more on personal projects (app, blogging, learning ...). But sometimes I just can't get my planning right And end up spending time doing the wrong stuff.
I will like to know how you keep motivated and focused on the right thing? what are the tools you use? What helped you in being more organized and focused.

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Sometimes, I just imagine that I'm a superhero and my TO-DOs are the villains I need to slay. It's nice to have a checklist of daily to-do's, I do it in Google Keep. It's just satisfying to see tasks with strikethrough whenever you check a finished task. So if I have 5 to-do's for a day, I consider them 5 slain villains.


hahaha Nice way of doing. Google keep is also a good idea, I will give it a try. thanks


I recently started a simply point system. Every small win I get, I make a note of it and how many “points” it’s worth. Every point is another marble in a container and I can see the progress as I slowly add more marbles. And I have to say, adding each marble feels amazing so I’m eager to keep up my small wins!


wow what a great way of rewarding yourself, and how do you attribute these points? I mean what scale do you use


Hmm I guess it depends on the type of activity it is. I usually go between one and three points.

1 - a simple, everyday habit I want to reinforce like taking a walk after lunch
2 - a non-everyday habit that's still somewhat routine and I want to keep working at, like publishing a blog post
3 - an especially rare and good event I likely schedule in advance and only do a few of a week, like going to a meetup


To help with organization, take a look at a mind-mapping tool like SimpleMind.

To help with motivation and focus, it requires discipline. Discipline is doing what has to be done whether you want to or not. Almost any work done by Jokko Willick will help you down the path to becoming more disciplined.

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