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How to get myself to read books

Reading Frenzy.

I love to read blogs and articles, you'll often see my browser tabs swarmed by unread articles from yesterday and the tabs gets smaller by the hour. I also love to read books however, I haven't really finished any. Yet. I have been stuck in this cycle of constantly jumping books and I get distracted over shiny and new things leaving me a half-baked idea of what the book really is - the concepts it would have illuminated me and the knowledge I could have shared.

To give justice to these books, I would challenge myself to read and absorb as much as I can by holding myself accountable through public learning and blogging. I would challenge myself to a Reading Frenzy. Doing this every day probably will suck and will make the journey less enjoyable and beneficial for me. So, I've decided to write every 3 days or at least 2 articles per week on every book/topic I'll read.

Reading multiple books might not be a good idea. But I'm willing to give it a try and see how this goes.


tycs is a compilation of books that mirrors the course taught by the founder (bcsi). There are a lot of interesting books included in this list but I decided to start reading from the top. The first book would be about "The Structure and Interpretation of Programs" which is available online. It is taught in a different programming language than what I'm used to so to better understand it without switching context a lot I'll use the Javascript version of this book and read it back and forth just to get a better sense of the concepts.

Design Patterns

I have been interested in learning design patterns yet, I haven't had the time to understand what they are and how they can help me. I've decided to use's free book on Javascript and React Design Patterns and use Head First's Design Pattern as complementary material.

and alas! my brain would be fried from all this technical bonanza. It needs spiritual care also. That is why I"m also going to read:


This is a bit awkward because the book is all about the pursuit of less and yet I'll be reading a lot. There are a lot of self-help books out there but I think this is the most relevant topic at the moment. I hope that this would allow me to de-clutter my life as well as my mind.

This won't be an easy journey and it would take a lot of courage to be consistent but I hope that I would be able to turn this into something that would not only help me but also those who struggle to do the same.

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