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Creating a command line tool

For a long time now I have been using various website to (for example) generate guids, and I thought to myself "why am I all ways searching the same thing when I can create a tool that generates guid

Well I have finally done it :D

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Dev tools for the command line

Command line tools

I wanted to create a command line tool that could do some stuff that I was using different websites for daily

How to use

Each release should have a dev.exe file, you can download this file into a folder of your choice then set a environment varibable to go to that folder and just type dev plus the command you want to run i.e. dev gg

Here are a few that are currently supported:

Generate a random guid

generate guid [--hyphens true|false] [--uppercase true|false]
gg [--hyphens true|false] [--uppercase true|false]

Generate a random email

generate email

Generate a random number

generate number [--min 0] [--max 1]

Generate a lorem ipsum words

generate lorem [--word-count 1]

Base64 encode value

base64 encode <value>

Base64 decode value

base64 decode <value>

Upper case string

string to-upper <value>

Lower case string

string to-lower <value>

I have bundled a bunch of tools that I think would be useful together here is a little list of what it can do right now:

  • Generate random guids
  • Generate random email address
  • Generate random number
  • Generate lorem ipsum
  • Base64 encode/decode strings
  • Upper/lower case strings

I also want to add

  • MD5 hashing
  • SHA1 hashing
  • SHA256 hashing
  • To do list?

We'll see how far we can push this

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