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In Memory Request buckets

The other day I wrote a blog post about my new dev tools page:

And I was saying that I had a bunch of ideas - this was one of the first thing I wanted to create was a request bucket, basically it would create an endpoint that you could plug into a webhook page and any request that comes into the endpoint would be printed out:

Create a bucket:

Creating a bucket via dev tools

Now I have an address where I can post any data I want to:

Bucket created screen

I'll test it with a post request:

Sending a post request via insomnia

Now I will have information about the request on the page:

Table displaying request information

Right now this is all an "in memory" endpoint but I'm hoping to make it a little more persistent, right now I'm thinking that maybe I can hold onto endpoints/requests for an hour (after the bucket was created) - maybe in the future I can create a "Pro" feature that allows people to create permanent endpoints, but let's not think about that right now πŸ˜…

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