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Some Dev Tools

As part of my dev journey there are a couple of sites that I use to do various things such as generate guids, generate text etc. But I thought recently how nice it would be to have all that information in one place, all those tools in one place. I have started down that journey.

I eventually want this to be a "one stop shop" for all things dev. Where you can get code snippets, look something up, or just get some random data to test something your working on.

Right now I feel the website is a little simple, but I promised myself to start sharing it once I got the first couple of things done, and now that I have I would like you to join me on my journey.

Here is a list of things currently supported on the site:

  • Base64 Encode/Decode
  • Guid Generation
  • Md5/Sha1/Sha256/Sha512 Hash generation
  • CSV Generation
  • Lorem ipsum generation
  • Url encode/decode

There is a list (currently in my head of what I would like to get done next)

  • Regex validation
  • CSV to Markdown
  • Markdown to csv
  • Json object creator
  • Request buckets
  • Code snippets
  • Mobile support (I expect most devs to visit this from laptop or desktop so it's not that high right now)

Bunch of things that I want to get done, but obviously don't want to burn myself out too quickly here. I promised myself that as soon as the first couple of things were working that I would start to promote the website so here I go:

It is an open source website, so if you want to request features or tell me about a bug, be my guest, I look forward to when people are actually using it and giving me feedback



npx tailwindcss -i ./wwwroot/css/input.css -o ./wwwroot/css/output.css --watch

Hope you all enjoy!

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