Embedded Storage for Your Node.js Projects

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As We May Think (3 Part Series)

1) Search and Filtering Without Tears (Parts 1 & 2) 2) Embedded Storage for Your Node.js Projects 3) Embedded Storage for Node.js Part 2

Sometimes you want to throw together a site quickly and setting up another storage server and connecting to it seems too expensive, too time consuming, or you've used up all your free clusters at MongoDB Atlas 😀.

Everybody needs a quick and dirty storage solution available to pull out for those cases. In this video I build a simple authentication system using NeDB (which looks a lot like MongoDB) and show how I built it by starting with Mocha/Chai unit tests.

In the next video I'll show how almost all of the code I wrote works just as well with MongoDB, giving you a natural growth path for when your side project becomes popular.

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