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As We May Think - My New YouTube Channel for Mentoring and Teaching

For the past month I’ve been working to start a YouTube channel to teach programming and to mentor developers. It's emphasis is JavaScript (front and back-end), HTML, and CSS. It was a soft launch (I only told the family and the people I work with) because I wanted to build up some videos. In particular, I wanted to get my first mentoring video out (which just posted this morning). I’m sure it’s not my best, most polished video, but it does represent what I want to do by starting this.

So this is it, this is my real launch. I’m posting this to to solicit comments, hopefully acquire a bunch of subscribers and views, and to see if I can find developers who want or need mentoring.

A lot of tech channels on YouTube seem to pursue the flavor of the month. Whatever tech is hot is what they are all about. Often they don't explain why you would or wouldn't care about using a given thing. They just teach you how to use it without explaining why. I’m hoping to connect to developers, especially any who feel like they don’t have anybody to mentor them, to answer questions, provide guidance, and share anything I can. Then share the results of those sessions with others to provide a resource. If one person has a question or a problem, likely many others have that exact same issue.

I’ve done video courses in the past for a publisher and that was definitely a mixed bag. Sometimes it was great, sometimes it wasn’t, but I’m committed to doing this for the long haul. I look forward to working with new developers on a one on one basis and sharing that with others. I often think that the biggest gap beginners have is understanding that “X” is a big deal but not understanding what “X” does or whether they would ever need to use it.

The Shows I’ve Done Thus Far


If you’re at all interested in having someone you can ask questions of and don’t mind me recording the session so I can share it with others, please consider filling out the form below:

Mentoring Contact Info

In particular I want to encourage people of any sex, any race, any ethnicity, any anything to fill it out. I want this channel to be more open and more representative of the broader group of people who want to develop software and not just a narrow subset.

Thank you so much for your time. - John

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