Peacock - Late Night Coding FTW

John Papa on February 22, 2019

Flashback A while back I created a theme for VS Code called Winter is Coming. I learned how to do this by reading this great guide on ... [Read Full]
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Man I was looking for something exactly like this! Worst was when I had multiple rails console opened at each tab and they all look identical.

Have a question though, does it work if I have my VS Code in full screen? (Mac)


Not yet. Preview just does title bar. I have an open issue on the repository to consider what other settings should be applied.


Can you style the status bar? That might be a (perhaps better) alternative!

Yes - there is an open issue where I am gathering ideas for what should be colored. Please add your thoughts.

... and ... version 0.0.7 now has more options for coloring


I love it! I manage websites for multiple companies and often keep multiple windows open at a time. Makes switching so much easier. TY for sharing :)


That plugin you did looks great men, but atm am not that pro and i work on a single App at once.

I will sure download it once im ready to work on different projects at the same time.


Have you tried using VS Code to edit text files too? Articles, notes for you todo's for the day, etc? Just curious. I love it for all text editing


I havent tried it yet, sounds like a good idea, how do you normally wirte up this text files?, do you write the challenges for the day, or something like that?

I Use markdown in vs code for articles.

For daily notes I use markdown or it could just be text.

And often thought the day I have ideas one notirs I want to store.


I don't think I will ever use Peacock mainly because I don't ever have multiple windows like that.
BUT, I love the theme and am totally using it now.


No worries :)

Thanks for using the theme


Looks really cool and useful! Thank you for building it and sharing! 😀👍


Thanks a lot for this...i was actually looking for something like this!!!

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