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Partnered Code Reviews

Are you familiar with code reviews? Do you do the review in person or through a change request tool (merge/pull)? What benefit do you get having someone stand next to as you talk through the changes you made?

Git conventional commits facilitates a partnered code review without the partner. When working to decide how to organize your changes, consider these questions/considerations

  • What am I changing, Why
  • Will this help me tell someone what I just did
  • Does this include all the needed changes such that the review can confirm all needed components (especially those which talk to each other) have been correctly modified.
  • Would this be useful if reverted
  • Do I need to group many commits together for reverting
  • Should this commit go upstream

The first question is what a code review causes you to ask so it can be explained to your partner.


The actual results of your Commits will very, partially from disopline, accountability, and laziness. I believe there can be good reasons for making exceptions because dev work can be messy, but having a goal to get close will be beneficial because you'll first have to ask yourself, why is this an exception and be happy with that answer.

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