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Cheatsheet for Git Rebase

I don't really use a bunch of cheatsheets, at least not in the conventional sense. Historically I recall having an ascii chart and dvorak keyboard. Yes there were others for school like imperial and metric conversion.

Though maybe their is something to this. Usually I will do a search for what I want to do and possibly pull up the link I visited last time. This can have the benefit that I my hit some updated information.

The world is quite different with information just one accurate search for the the thing you may not know you wanted. I also can get a little tired of searching for the same thing but forgetting which was the best answer.

This is my first creation, it isn't for me. I did this because I looked at a really nice cheatsheet for Git which had things I don't use or deliberately avoid. So I thought I would try my hand at the things I use almost daily.

I really wanted stay away from creating groups which were focused on a command, I wanted to draw attention to a task. I also chose my tasks in such a manner that I could show that even though git has a reputation for inconsistent commands, today it really does provide some consistency.

So now that I created something for others maybe I can do something I'll use myself.

Also hidden within the sheet is my personal choices much has been explained here on dev.

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