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What was your win this week?

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Happy Friday!

Looking back at your week, what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small!

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Giving someone constructive feedback!
  • Contributing to OSS
  • Fixing a trickster bug
  • Watering your plants...or whatever else that may spark joy 😄 🎉


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This week, I...built Frida Kahlo in pure CSS for the CodePen Challenge



Thanks so much! Quite happy with how it came out :)

I joined DEV today and this is the first thing I saw and I'm pretty happy about it.

Thanks David! Recently got to catch a Magritte show myself, it was stunning :)


Double points for being both artistic and technically clever.


This week, I...enjoyed Pi day off and took care of a lot of personal business.

Such as...

  • Dealing with phone insurance so I finally have a new phone on the way!
  • Calling my health insurance which resulted in a credit plus lower co-pays??
  • Stamping wedding invitations!
  • Booking an optometrist appointment.

Those little things were seriously hanging over my head and now I feel like some weight has been lifted. If your list of 'little things' are piling up, I highly recommend taking some time off to help re-center.

I also tried ClassPass for the first time a few days ago and discovered they offer 'wellness' classes. Instead of working out, I opted for infared sauna and that was amazing!


love it! class pass keeps me sane :)


infrared sauna sounds so relaxing and nice in this cold weather!


Yes that sort of pesky little thingies can be annoying, they're boring but you just gotta do them, sooner or later. And you feel relieved once you do.


This week, I... did my first commits to the dev.to repo! The commits are pretty small in the scheme of things, some typos here and consistency fixes there but still, helps towards making a better platform.


This week, I made my first post on dev.to and finished all of the CSS unit in the online bootcamp I'm working on! Also volunteered at a children's hospital nearby like I do every week but those nights are always highlights in my week <3


This week, I...got my computer science degree!!!!


Two more months and I'll be joining this celebration



This week, I managed to get a pseudo-MVP of a project I'm working on. My plan is to integrate DEV into it too!

P. S: It's open source, in case anyone's interested :)


Oh guy, proposing articles based on the reading time, simple but sooo cool!


Thanks! It's definitely something that I found myself using a lot lately! I'm working on the DEV integration right now and hopefully I'll have it ready soon :)


Just wanted to second @Maxime - this idea is really nifty!


Hey, I'd love to contribute to your project


This week, I joined dev.to and made my first post!


Welcome. It's my go-to site for neat things!


This week, I...

  • wrote a chapter for Isaac Lyman's book for junior devs
  • built a silly app on Glitch
  • started jotting notes to call my doctor.. and then actually calling!


and whoa! congrats on writing that chapter. we're really excited about @isaacandsuch 's book!


My Life

Actually, nothing.

This week, I wanted to die. Really, I thought about this. Something goes wrong in my life. But I don't know about anything. It happened suddenly.

Now, I'm thinking life is meaningless.


I used Uppy file uploader. It was an amazing experience for me. Because this uploader doesn't look like others. I really had fun.


Ali, I've been there before so I understand. I'll just say that we're so glad you're here, and if you want to talk I'd be happy to listen (DM me on Twitter)

P.S. thank you for sharing Uppy. I would not know about it without you. :)


Thanks, Jay. I think people sometimes people have similar problems. But this is first for me. I'm usually cheerful. Thanks for your help :) We'll talk :)

I'm also sorry to you had bad times.


Hey Ali, I'm sorry you're going through this. If you'd like to talk more, please email ben@dev.to. I'd be happy to help.


I'll send an email to you. Thanks, Ben! It may sound routine to you but I'll :) Thanks.


Hey Ali,

I've been there. Somethings that might help you:

And please listen when I or others say they've been there. Life's tough, and sometimes it seems you had written the manual and then you realized it's just a napkin with some quick thoughts noted on it. :) Recognizing that you are not alone in this feeling is important, cause that means you have something in common and can either share your experience/knowledge as well as learn from those that came before you.

You'll doing great! Don't let anything else tell you differently. We're not perfect and we shouldn't beat ourselves up about it. Recently, I have to remind myself that a lot.



Thank you. I read the post you shared.

I strongly agree this part "sometimes it seems you had written the manual and then you realized it's just a napkin with some quick thoughts noted on it".

I think the problem of thinking about everything at the same time.

This is not good. Some people look carefree.

They don't care about their life, career, future etc. They only think about the moment and I'm not that kind of man.

Let me suggest something different, instead of thinking those folks "don't care about their life, career, future, etc. They only think about the moment..", how about look at it like some people are able to give the current task/problem at hand the focus and will worry later about the future, past, career, etc.

I have a habit of feeling out of my depth, then I think about my mistakes of the past whether career related or not. But I have any to learn to let my mind focus on the present, otherwise I'm not doing myself any favors.

That means it's a learned behavior for me, and probably others. That *doesn't mean it has to come naturally to you. It doesn't for me. And practice only strengthens that muscle.


This week, I...

  • finished Mozilla Tech Speakers onboarding
  • recorded a couple cool podcasts
  • have been working on a super fun project for the site


I'm really glad Blair made it into the win of the week. Capturing the reactions to these treats was a gift 🤣


This week, I posted my first two articles on Dev.to! Over a 1000 views later, I'm a pretty happy camper. Also, I went to a meetup, and got to say hello to Sara Viera! Great week altogether <3


This week, I had/have a 80h/h day job hell...
And beside working on my side-project fullstackjob.com

Started working on admin app


This week, I wrapped up all my handovers and have left my first ever full-time software job. This might not seem like a win, particularly as I'm sad to leave my great team behind, and a little overwhelmed by how nice everyone has been in wishing me luck, but after years of self-doubt during my school and university degrees, then impostor syndrome in the workplace, I'm finding it nice to reflect on my first 15 months in the industry, realising that I've come a long way. That's the best win I could ask for. Looking forward to my new journey as a DevOps Engineer, starting Monday. Woo!


Oh... please share your experience as a DevOps Engineer. I'm a Software Engineer and I think DevOps shouldn't be a siloed role. Everyone has a role to play in DevOps, it's not just one dedicated person or team's specific mission, it's the responsibility of all the developers, testers, managers, etc.


I certainly will! It’ll be interesting - I’m going from a fairly corporate-culture engineering company to a software startup. Not just my role is changing, but the whole environment. I feel a blog post brewing in a few weeks!...


This week, I...been kicking myself in the head to finish this ES6 section of a Beginners Javascript course. I'm down to the final 3 lessons involving Destructuring, Classes, and Maps and I will be done. Sidenote: all of it is confusing =). I've been using jQuery and basic JS for years, learning through work experience, and decided to take a course to try and better understand it all.

On actual wins:

  • I fixed 2 CSS bugs that involved a div layering issue that caused blocking of a CTA btn at mobile
  • I figured out somehow media queries were affecting my print styles
  • Finished all my mandatory work training modules
  • Helped a content author figure out some simple HTML errors in our CMS
  • Got a chance to watch Into the Spiderverse with my two young boys (great movie)

*** Update ***

Finished my course and got my Cert for Javascript. Now off to relearn what I just learned. =)


This week, I...

  1. Published two posts to Dev.to! This platform has been so approachable that I felt another post wouldn't be time-consuming - and it wasn't!
  2. Went to an Android meetup and discussed many things Android-related.

This week, I... have successfully completed the freeCodeCamp's JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification.


This week, I make a post on dev.to and it made 863 views, 52 reactions, and 10 comments. It is a beginner level one a out why we write <! DOCTYPE html>. I learned from that and I was happy that others might found it helpful too.
Here it is.


This week, I aced my first developer interview ever! Shout out to @mortoray , @emmawedekind and @aershov24 for great inspiration and for providing good resources here on dev.to in this regard.



This week, I made significant progress on a Javascript React app I've been working on.

I've also been able to keep up with a yoga and workout routine I started this year, feels nice. :)


This week, I...

  1. Completed yearly performance appraisals for half of my team 💪
  2. Moved company job adverts to more diverse and inclusive recruitment agencies/job boards 📋
  3. Booked a holiday 🏖
  4. Cleared out my garage of junk 🧹
  5. Joined dev.to 🤗
  6. Made it to Friday 🙏


This week, I managed to come up with an automatization over a software interface of wich I cannot access its code, by using multithreading and java robot class (ik I'm a little behind, but I'm very little experienced and never used those techs ever), in very little time and with a pretty big benefit for the company I work on, since it is the very first 4 players HTC Vive VR Lan Gaming platform open to public in my city.


This week, I talk with a teacher about future research that we will work about the next months. The source is about recognition of patterns in ECG signals trying to classify good and bad heartbeats.

I'm really excited to start to work on it.


Just last night, I received 2 PRs to Orchid!

Pull request


When a months-ago delegated task became an emergency that got dropped in my lap (because I'm both knowlegeable and fast to do things), but I had no access to actually do the task, but was able to Jabber/Slack a non-Linux tech through the processes necessary to complete the task. Was a double-win:

  • Able to get the task done
  • Able to impart some (quite a bit more than "some", actually) learnin' to someone

This week, I

  • spent around 8hrs in side projects/oss. The main thing is I completed the tasks that I planned(which is rare for me with side projects)

  • Learned, there is no other way than 'start and fail... Restart and re-fail... if you are still there, you will get to enjoy your success.


This week, I started playing with Web Assembly for the first time. It's not very easy right now, sice it's new and complicated, but I overcame some seriously tricky bugs and got things working! And of course I wrote about it on dev.to and plan to write more about it. 😃

It's alive


This week, I...

Made my first (accessibility focused) contribution to DEV!

If you're a keyboard-only user you'll notice a 'skip to content' link is now available as the first element you tab into after the address bar. Currently only functions on the home page, soon to be remedied!

skipping avocado


This week, I discovered the location of and then deployed the fix for a deadlock in a python codebase. It actually took me about the full week to do this (with a bunch of other stuff happening on the side).

It was a particularly nasty bug and python did not make debugging it easy. Worst part was that it was non deterministic and seemingly only happened in production. Ended up adding a ridiculous amount of trace statements until I could nail it down.


This week, I...

Attended my first conference in years. Going to Enterprise Data World was huge for me, since I spent last year switching specialties to Data Engineering, and am now cool enough to attend the conference as one of two delegates from my company.


This week, I gave a group of upcoming software developers some constructive feedback. Also have been mentoring them and learning more about them as individuals. 😄 🎉


This week, I...

  • Manage to get automated tests to work with headless browser

  • Better understanding of continuous integration process


This week, I learned that shift + enter in windows command prompt will make any python command work.. I kept hitting just enter and wondered why i kept getting an error message. So Yay!


This week, I

  • spent around 8hrs in side projects/oss. The main thing is I completed the tasks that I planned(which is rare for me with side projects)

  • Learned, there is no other way than 'start and fail... Restart and re-fail... if you are still there, you will get to enjoy your success.


This week, I started yak shaving twice and did not recognize it quick enough (twice half a day spend).

Wait... that wasn't a win.

I had two good interviewees, so I will count that as a win.


This week, our python user-group was finally listed on the wiki ❤


This week, I...

  • Applied for a few projects within my company
  • Called to have water service turned on THREE times for property being rented out
  • Scheduled with several contractors to come to the rental and give estimates this weekend.
  • Upgraded to Flutter 1.2.1
  • Started watching the Boring Flutter podcast in order to learn more practical aspects of flutter development.
  • Took Friday off for my Birthday! Excited for the time to make some spaghetti with roasted brussel sprouts instead of meatballs


This week, I...published my first blog post! I also started studying Ruby on Rails. Very focused and grounded week for me. Didn't let the stress of learning something new get to my head. step by step!

stay focused


This week, I...

  • startet making a Web App independent of „our database“ to prepare the move to Azure
  • watched a newly developed API go online smoothly
  • removed lots of old code (by me and my predecessor) ... I love throwing away code
  • turned off three no longer needed web services
  • dabbled in SignalR (for the first time) and took a web site with it online (intranet). It’s a web site for the spotify squad health check and watching votes come in in real time was really cool. I went some lengths to make complete anonymity possible, so that even myself with access to the database can‘t tell the individual votes. And I am a bit proud of it.

This week, I... delivered a job for the coming G20 in Osaka and I landed one for the Olympics (not super fun, but pays the bills) to deliver end of April.

And I got ready to spend a weekend in Tokyo with my teenage son (12h or train one way, one day there) it's going to be fun!


This week, I finally

happy rainbow


Multiple wins this week,

  • I'm on vacation. It will also be my win next week. 😉

  • I got my two year dev.to badge.
  • I also passed 20K followers on dev.to. 😎
  • Got my Gatsby socks!

Want your own pair?

That's pretty much it. Not much happened this week. 😜


this week, i...made a really scary leap and joined here and posted about a topic i'm brand new to and presented on it to a group of peers! still just spending my weekend trying to get my adrenaline back down, lol


This week, I... started to write an app for comicbooks writers and artists to find each other and collaborate :] Just a pretext to learn some Elm, haha.


This week, I... finished all my projects, so I decided to create a tool that would help me and other designers in our everyday work-life. Designed and built a random color palette generator, tested it, and now I'm sitting with coffee, and enjoying the view.

Needs a bit more love, I'll make a post about it here and share it eventually.


This week, I...

Developed a RWD CSS grid in an environment where no one expects it. I also made it responsive and accessible. I tested the whole thing in Windows IE 11, Edge, and Firefox with Narrator and NVDA in addition to testing on my Mac.

No one expects stuff like this from the person they think of as “the tech writer.”


This week, I...Dockerized my little personal webpage
I really hated Docker during last year but seeing videos from Devon Crawford inspired me to finnaly try it again.

Currently I have 4 containers, 2 for the apps and 2 for the database of each one and they are routed to the internet throught ngix that is instaled in the server doing proxy_pass.

Maybe it could be better but I'm really still learning.


This week, I...

  1. Got Futures and async to click. I've been looking at them all wrong and it just clicked and makes sense now 😄

  2. Started really digging in on 🧪TDD and properly learning the testing suites for the frameworks I work with.

  3. Making an effort to comment & contribute after being a silent lurker forever 👈


This week, I...

Finished setting up TFS for continuous integration. Tests now run after every change and I no longer have to build any deployment packages by hand.


This week, I...finished creating a pipeline in buildkite.

gradle build on buildkite and deploys charts to kubernetes


This week, I joined DEV after seeing references to it in enough places and deciding to check it out. I'm glad I did!

I've found my people!