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53 Project Ideas From Beginner to Advanced


Finding project ideas and implementing them has always been a difficult process for beginners. Every day, I encounter hundreds of people asking what they can do with the highly praised and exaggerated programming languages on pages such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and technology blogs such as Devto and Medium. For this reason, I wanted to start a thread. A thread containing only project ideas. I am creating a review article solely to inspire people who want to learn a new language and test their capabilities. I will add new ideas to the comments below the article. In this way, I aim to prevent as much as possible the questions of what beginners can do with such and such a program.

Let me give you a few ideas at the beginning:

  1. Try to use mind mapping techniques whenever possible. Write the subject headings as keywords and place the right project under the right title using the tags in the notes you took.
  2. Porting - Integrate project ideas given in another language into your new language
  3. Old School - Rewrite your first projects while learning another language in their simplest form via commandline (without using AI)
  4. Code Sharing - Do not hesitate to share your codes for non-commercial purposes. Watch your mistakes being criticized mercilessly while sipping your coffee.
  5. A bird in hand is better than a bird in the bush. A project that works is better than crazy ideas that don't work. Do it until you make it.

P.S: The list consists of 53 ideas. Not 50. I wanted so. Full-stop :)

Project Ideas From Beginner to Advanced

  1. Web Scraper #scraper
  2. File encryptor #filetool
  3. URL Shorthener #urltool
  4. CLI Chat App #chat
  5. RESTFull API #api
  6. Image Recognition #ml #dl
  7. Stock Market Analysis #stock #market
  8. Markdown to HTML Converter #converter
  9. PDF Generator #generator
  10. Social Media Analytics #analytics
  11. Video Stream Server #server
  12. Blockchain implemantation #blockchain
  13. Content Management System (CMS) #website #cms
  14. Email Client #email
  15. Task Management System #task
  16. Online Marketplace #ecommerce
  17. Realtime Chat App #chat
  18. URL Monitoring Tool #url
  19. Proxy Server #proxy
  20. Web Crawler #crawler
  21. Blogging Platform #blog
  22. Password Manager #password
  23. Task Scheduler #task
  24. Image Gallery #gallery
  25. Markdown Editor #markdown
  26. Expense Tracker #finance
  27. Budget Tracker #finance
  28. URL Validator #url
  29. Recipe Sharing Platform #recipe
  30. Text To Speech Converter #tts
  31. Forum or Discussion Board #forum #discussion
  32. Chatbot AI #ai #chat
  33. log Analyzer #log #analytics
  34. Weather App #app #weather #api
  35. Code Review Tool #code
  36. Music Streaming Service #stream #service #music
  37. Markdown Blog Generator #markdown #blog #generator
  38. Auction Platform #platform #auction
  39. URL Shorthener #url
  40. TODO App #todo #task
  41. Flashcard App #flascard
  42. News Aggregator #news #api #rss
  43. Social Media Scheduler #social #schedule
  44. Data Visualization (Diagram etc. ) #data
  45. URL Filtering Proxy Server #url #proxy
  46. URL Parser #url
  47. Password Strengh Checker #password #cybersecurity
  48. RSS Feed Reader #rss #reader
  49. Quiz Application #quiz #app
  50. Video Conferencing Tool #video
  51. Employee Management System #business
  52. Encrpyt - Decrypt Tools #filetool
  53. Code Snippet Manager #snippet #code

Top comments (53)

harshthedev profile image
Harsh Singh

I wrote a Schema + Query parser in Rust called RayQL. It also has its own online editor powered by WASM. Please feel free to check it out and provide your valuable feedback on the project.

gokayburuc profile image

I'll try to take a look as soon as possible. Thank you for your sharing.

pizofreude profile image
  1. Calendar #productivity (Beat google calendar to Desktop app as they currently only has web app and mobile apps)
gokayburuc profile image

Thank you for your contributing comment.

Your idea can be a new open source task based project. Create a repo at Github and put some magic in it.
FAANGS Clouds are an undisputed advantage, but still users decides whether to use it or not. You can build your own calendar with a open source community.

kurealnum profile image

Great list! Here's another good one to add on to yours:

gokayburuc profile image

I'm so happy to finally see a contributing comment. Thanks a lot!

ucok23 profile image
Ucok I. L • Edited

Great list, will report here once I implemented one of it, thanks

chhavi profile image
Chhavi Srivastav

implemented ???

ucok23 profile image
Ucok I. L

Thank you

gokayburuc profile image

I plan to share the github repos of implemented ideas in the coming days. You can also find such projects with short searches on github.

maxpower01 profile image
Maxime Manseau

Great list, but Url shortener is there twice

gokayburuc profile image

I'm using voice recorder to keep ideas. And I am writing directly to a text file from my voice records. So when i started to write it can be duplicated values.

pavelee profile image
Paweł Ciosek

cool post! 👏 thank you! 🙏

ddiogoo profile image
Diogo Martins de Assis • Edited

I wrote a free streaming server (based on another developer's system design), using golang, docker, postgres and nginx. Feel free to take a look.

somadevtoo profile image

great list, thank you for sharing

gokayburuc profile image


spankaj13579 profile image

i would definitely work on this , Thanks for this valuable post

gokayburuc profile image

Thank you for your comment. If you share what you have achieved in these projects in your github repositories, you will create a useful link for those who read the article.

thephenomenal10 profile image
sahyog saini

Awesome 🚀

madhusudanbabar profile image
Krypton | Madhusudan Babar

Great list man

gokayburuc profile image


iamprolific profile image

Thank you very much for this. I am extremely happy seeing this. You just gave me a whole lot of busy and productive time ahead.🙏🏽❤❤

gokayburuc profile image

I'm glad I could help. You can contact me to discuss from Telegram.

smoothwizz profile image
Mares Popa

In case anyone is interested, I've developed an online markdown editor: Hermes Notes

hood899 profile image

What level required to build these projects please ?

gokayburuc profile image

It depends of your project complexity. You can create with basic features or you can integrate your project into different projects. You can create a basic CLI file manager or full file manager like "ranger" . You can create a simple code snippet manager for basic usage or you can create a full featured code snippet manager like VsCode-snippets or LuaSnip. It depends of your goals while you are starting to a new project.

sotergreco profile image
Sotiris Kourouklis

I like the fact that their are not many AI ideas there. It seems like people are building only AI apps . Nice article 👌

gokayburuc profile image • Edited

There are plenty of areas in the AI but everybody follows the money not the social-benefit like medical treatment, better agricultural production technics, pre-recognise diseases, medicine development, language translation etc. Generally focusing into cryptocurrencies, gun and armory development for modern-warfare, stock-market analysis, fraud-techs ( deep fake, credit balance frauds, system leak checks etc. ) , or video-tech with mindblowing effects.

The aim of mine in this article was " You can collect ideas and classify them and deep-think about it. Here is the landmap and find your own path by your own ideas." They can discover new ideas. All they need is just a "Push" for start a new project. Ask themselves "What is possible with programming languages? How can i make this? How they did? What i want to do?" . These simple questions can starts the own journey of theirs (Odyssey - to my Greek Dev Reader ). I am from Turkey and live here right now. I read the traditional books also the develop my mindset. In our traditional literature Rumi says “As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”

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