What was your win this week?

Jess Lee on May 17, 2019

👋👋👋👋 Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of? All wins count -- big or small 🎉 Examples of 'wins' include: Getting a p... [Read Full]
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This week I secured a senior frontend developer position due to start on Monday. I had spent a couple of months working on my own venture prior to that. It's kinda exciting to be back to the office environment.


I saw my classroom for the first time where I am going to be teaching inmates who have been locked up for a very long time how to code!


Very nice. How was it?

How did you get started with teaching?


That's incredible!!

Do you know Alex Qin ? I was volunteering with her Code Cooperative program for a short time.


Sorry I am not familiar, but I'm looking into their CC program!


I wrote a post about growing up with a Mom in tech because it was Mother's Day and I'm gearing up for a 5 minute lightning talk at ACT-W in Portland, OR. It felt great to honor the memory of my mother in a meaningful way!


This week I submitted to not one, but two conference talks! One to ElixirConf and one to RubyConf.

These would be my first time(s) submitting a CFP, and it's quite a mental hurdle to overcome and decide to submit. There's always that slight doubt lingering at the back of my mind (you'll never get accepted!), but this time I've decided to just do it anyway :)

Also, I've recently been trying to speak more at meetups too, so hopefully everything works out and that my talks get accepted!


*Started my 3-year term as a distinguished speaker with The Association for Computing Machinery.
*Became a community moderator for OpenSource.com
*My proposals to speak at/get travel funding for Open Source Summit North America were accepted.
*My team won the "Most Innovative" award at our company hackathon yesterday.


I started learning Rust, and did a thing. It was surprinsingly dificult to make, giving how simple the program is.

I feel like every Rust tutorial that doesn't cover the basics should begin with a warning like:

If you don't know anything about Rust and want to follow along, please don't. Go read "the book" until chapter 10 or check out Rust by example and then come back.

Rust has a nice and polite compiler, it would be a shame if you spend the next two hours yelling at it.


Well, in day job, product for which I'm responsible as PO and Head of Development, we won 3th time in a row industry awards for our SMS/MNP P/SaaS.

And my Side Project Full-Stack Developer Job's got new features for the free Online Resume Builder, like Privacy and Contact Settings, Advanced Filters, Remote Work Settings etc.


Nice! I come from a consulting background - it's an incredible career and landing Senior Consultant is usually a big deal. Congrats :-)


Finally released our new onboarding flow for CloudForecast.io. FrontEnd work is not my forte but I'm really happy with the result.

Also cleaned up my code a bit:


I got my new interview preparation site and class online.

I'm hoping to provide a good set of resources to help people prepare for interviews.

I also signed my millionth W8-BEN form for work in the USA! XD


It may not seem like much, but this one CLI snippet has made my day! (...and spares me from the tedium of doing a hundred screen grabs by hand.)

for k in scene*.swf; \
do gnash --screenshot last \
--screenshot-file ./lastframe/$k.png -1 -r1 $k; \

Long story short: A Flash-based educational tutorial circa 2004 is getting overhauled for future longevity. However the source files were lost years ago, so I'm left to tease media assets from rendered *.swf scenes piecemeal.


I made a lot of progress on the feature I've been working on!


I started writing more frequently in an effort to be a better writer and blogger. I have a long way to go, but I feel I cleared off the major cobweb this week. I am writing almost everyday updating the drafts for future blog posts.


I landed my first official job as a developer AND gave my notice at work, after two years of diligently learning and building my portfolio and skills! #feelsgoodman


Finally convinced my leaders to try out an idea I've been floating for months, and it actually worked pretty well!


I got promoted officially as a PM. Been a data scientist for a few years now.

Means a lot because I didn't study computer science, yet taught myself how to code to excel in the dev team here and now I've been entrusted with the entire product. Couldn't have done it without communities such as these and my awesome colleagues.


Started learning PWA (Progressive Web App) and
Created an installable PWA for the first time~~~

PWA is pretty awesome



I finally finished this post!

I nearly gave up because it took me so long to finish, and I did not expect the post itself to be that long (to describe a fun little project that only took some 4 hours), but I went on anyway. 🔥


Presented my first workshop about git and Github on Wednesday!


I went a whole week without missing a day of coding! A huge win for me as I usually get demotivated a few days in. This time around things are finally clicking so it's been much easier to stick with the plan!


My plan this week was to publish my first PyPi project. Instead I wrote a bunch of tests and found areas I could make for a better UX. So, I didn’t publish, but I have a much better product today than I did to start the week!


I made my first post here on dev.to. And then two more 😝🥳


3 Weeks back i got a offer to work on a Kubernetes (mini) Project. I am newbie in Kubernetes. Did a hands-on in the Week 1 , Week 2 actual script development, Week 3 - Deployment to Live. This is one of the best wins for Me as it was delivered in a short span of time.


This week, I took serious resolution to achieve my month's goal like uninstall social media applications from my phone (not this one sure! 😁)
I submitted my first challenge to Frontend Mentor(I need feedback please).
I started my journey on web accessibility(hope I can implement it on my projects by the end of this new week)


I officially made my first side project pull-request (not so proud of that), and the first pull-request of my work team. It felt cool!


That's cool. I'm at that point in learning Git and Github and it sounds very challenging for now. Any tips or tutorials you recommend?


I got appreciated a lot by my internship mentor and I'm basically , being a first year undergrad, I'm teaching other 3rd year interns how Laravel works!


This week I had the honor and incredible opportunity to join the Ionic team for their last podcast episode, still crazy to me 😊


On the other side, I still have a couple of bugs to solve and I spilled full glass of water and cups of tea on the flour at least three times 🤣


Officially started my Bootcamp this week. It was so much fun and awesome! I also just purchased a ticket to Codeland conference in NYC this July. :)


Omg tough week for me, lots of projects going on at once.

But one that I AM REALLY REALLY happy about was the fact that I am able to shoot logs via fluentd to rabbitmq to xyz server to xyz log ingestion services (think of centralized logging). The issue I had was that one of our infrastructure components did not like the fact we use fluentd , so I had to work some magic with plugins etc in order to get it to work. Kubernetes was a breeze to get the stuff going.


I taught Javascript Fundamentals to a class of rank beginners.


Release two Serverless Apps generated by a script (WIP):

  • Gulp, Hot Reload (with browser-sync) and FTP Deploy script

Live Demos: Fractal - Big Picture

JamStack Fractal by @AppSeed
JamStack Big Picture by @AppSeed


Created my first to packages using Conan package manager for C++. I've learned a lot and also improved my knowledge with Cmake.


I successfully used RECURSION in a real life situation for the first time! Pretty ecstatic about that


My talk You Too Can Be A Sketching Machine was accepted at JavaZone in Oslo! Yay! :)


Came up with an idea for my first conference ever, looking forward to the CFP!


I socialed and survived. Turns out humans aren't generally so bad 🥰😜


Finished making a new feature that had to learn Grid on the spot to make it look nice and it's amazing


Getting my new open source Python library pytabby mentioned on the Python Weekly e-mail newsletter.


Managed to go through my working hours without checking social media feeds. Started to read book everyday! :D


I got knocked down, but I got up again. Also, I think in the process I dodged a bullet.


I just noticed I got over 5K followers here.

And I was told I'll be promoted soon.

And I sold a couple of copies of my online course.

Good times!


Finally I spoke with my P.R. and T.L. about how boring i was in the project.


Landed my first full stack job with ReactJS and Node!


This week I started learning Laravel and Tailwind.css


fixed some bugs, coded some pages and I am almost there to unleash my first app. stay tuned!


Got a part-time job as a technical support engineer at my Bootcamp.


Learned to use Docker and has a pretty good understanding because I throughly applied concepts learned in the last months.


I finish one big school project in WPF with someone who don't want to learn git it took us 2 weeks to finish it


I published my first public repository into npm 🤗 it is called fakify.check it out npmjs.com/package/fakify


Not much again sorry, living off that productivity comment a while back still.

Hopefully I will wake up & get started on Monday. It's been a year of sleeping. 😳



I gave my first tech talk in a local Python Devs Meetup!


My cpf got accepted for I Code Java Conference taking place in July. Super nervous.


Learned more about Linux when I attempted to install Arch Linux.

Top of my head:

  • boot loaders
  • how partition works

Although I did ended up with using Manjaro.


I started seriously using the firefox debugger, and I finally figured out how to setup my text editor so that my formatter and my linter don't conflict. It's still slow going, but it's fun.


This week I created my first Android app though it was pretty shitty I did learn something new and I'll be working on it until I get perfect ✨

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