Cover image for πŸ‘Ά New Baby! πŸ‘•New Shirt! πŸ“™New AWS Course! Let's Celebrate with a  Special Deal!

πŸ‘Ά New Baby! πŸ‘•New Shirt! πŸ“™New AWS Course! Let's Celebrate with a Special Deal!

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I was busy last few weeks

I haven't been active that much on DEV.to the past few weeks with good reason as my wife was pregnant with my son and we were patiently awaiting his arrival.

Then my shirt arrived

So yesterday my DEV.to shirt arrived in the mail. Only a mere hour putting on my new shirt, my wife went into labour and my son was born.

The course

On ExamPro we have been in early access mode for the past few months meaning you couldn't just sign up because we were fine-tuning our content.

One of our courses as of today is now generally available for anyone who signs up on ExamPro.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practioner will teach you the fundamentals of
AWS, which is perfect if you are a bootcamp grad or a junior developer learning to add cloud computing services as an employable skill.

So click this link below, this is an exclusive deal only here on DEV.to:

Get 15$ OFF Certified Cloud Practioner for 3 Month Access

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I joined exampro (as a junior dev-react) and I can personally vouch for the CCP material in this course. It built the foundation for my AWS knowledge base, helped me pass the CCP (no prior AWS knowledge) and has given me an easy transition towards the SA associate cert.

I'm using the upcoming solutions architect content that's in development to get my SA associate this Wednesday as well.

Thanks and congrats Andrew!


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