What was your win this week?

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Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small πŸŽ‰

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy πŸ˜„


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Launched a landing page for meetingplace.io/ after meetup made a really baffling $2 RSVP pricing test (info here: meetup.com/lp/paymentchanges?mpId=...) and got 400 email signups in 3 days! πŸŽ‰

Now I just have to execute on it 😁


I am building one too, being working for community since 2 years, it's devncode.tech, let's collaborate if interested.


Congrats Chris! Just curious, where did you promote your coming soon page in order to get that many signups in such a short time?


I heard of it through theverge.com/2019/10/15/20893343/m...

and some people also shared it on Vue's Discord channel, which has a lot of active users


I started by posting it on twitter, and then as ajv points out, it was picked up by the verge somehow :)


So cool! Looking forward to the launch announcement!


So cool! Best of luck with it🌻 Also, the landing page looks great looking forward to the release :)


In week two of my 100 days of code I ran into some more difficult future material and some serious fears about whether I can meaningfully teach this to myself - but I broke through them, coded every day and finished this app assignment last night.


I set up my desk, and part of my room! Also, I thought I broke my home computer, but I ended up figuring out the issue and it was pretty minor!

For those curious, it was a RAM problem -- it's always a RAM problem πŸ˜‘


Got a badge for consistent writing by dev for four week streak😎😎😍😍


I published my first post to DEV.to πŸŽ‰

I was planning to do that for a long time but didn't feel like I had something to say that hasn't been said before. So it's a bigger win for me than it might seem 😊


My article got more than 20k views on Devto. I totally didn't expect that, it was awesome


It took me all week, but I finally got voice recognition done in my app.


Two weeks ago I asked for help because I was going to have my first code interview.

I had the interview on Monday and I think it couldn't have been better. I think I have a good chance on getting an offer!


Happy to find out people are actually reading and commenting on DEV. Not sure triggered by which thread, but followers keeps growing ;)

  • This week, I made a study plan For 45 days and so far 80% on track!
  • I figured out why my sleep quality is bad for years. Turns out I’m getting more sensitive to lights over the years. (Am I becoming vampire or something?)

Earned a whopping 8$ on my first fiverr gig.

Time to invest!


This week was less productive than I wanted it to be -- it's a week sandwiched between two conferences for me!

I did get to spend a lot of time reviewing code for people contributing to DEV which is really exciting.


I had been eyeing a dev backpack for months now and I recently got a voucher that covers its payment, while I was waiting for payday which is next weekend,so that I get cash to pay for shipping, I got a PayPal alert, someone bought me a coffee for the free Android app I have on Google Play.

I'm expecting my dev backpack to arrive next week 😁


Staying consistent at writing and learning the Vue Composition API


This week I completed my React project for my DigitalCrafts bootcamp, ALL BY MYSELF. Everyone else worked in teams to divide the workload, but I wanted to ensure that I could do it from start to finish. Go me!


I finished the game I was working on for a week, and wrote the final post-mortem analysis: dev.to/deleteman123/my-hacktoberfe... really happy with it! Now trying to look for the next challenge!


Published my first Library β™₯️


Math expression evaluator


Thank you !

It's just combination of formula and calculator


I spoke about machine learning at an SEO meet-up in front of around 200 people. Both terrifying and amazing at the same time haha.
And in the same week had my first post published on Search Engine Journal about Python - searchenginejournal.com/python-tec...


I launched a web app for creating interactive stories (cool for creating stories with kids) and it got featured on Product Hunt. This is nice for someone like me who's constantly fighting against an impostor syndrome πŸ˜„


Got a full time remote job (php) .i wasnt prepared for the interview and got confused with many questions but At the end of the interview the Interviewer asked if i am currently learning anything new, i said i am learning hadoop and python and its fun! 2 days later he called me for negotiations and gave NDA to sign.


I was able to finally get my first project working after two full years of failing to make it work. It was a real testament to my personal growth in coding, so I even wrote about it here:


Catching up with team mates in other locations, getting a better view of Roadmaps and connecting the dots to make effective collaborations.

Also did an AWS Game day today which was hilarious, frustrating and fun.


This was a big ago, but...

  • I found out my current job was shutting down by Jan 1
  • But I was looking for new things, and was negotiating my coming salary at the same time

My last day here is Oct 31.


I am starting to learn Spanish again and this time I am more committed :).
During the learning process, I figured I would write an app that helps me and others.

So, here it is.
and source code

It scrapes news and shows Spanish and English translation side by side.
Please be generous on Google Play Store reviews ;)


I delivered a two hours workshop about unit testing best practices. Thanks for all the folks here on DEV who helped me with their comments.

Another win is that I am alive. Today while driving home, I lost the power steering. Luckily I was in a not so usual traffic jam going downhill, so it only gave me an extra workout not a surprise at high speed.

  • Received my first remote work payment (for helping someone by putting together an interactive mockup remotely in Mockupbot which I didn't know before!).
  • I got my first $0.05 after becoming a Medium Premium writer and submitting some posts for the platform.

Both mental barrier breakthroughs that proved to me that I can make money online remotely! (yeey!)


Pretty minor really but: we'd lost our Wiki months ago due to politics of some sort. I had to unpick how our back end code did hreflang tags for different markets. I was convinced it was getting the info from the CMS, as it was the external-facing CMS layer that was fetching the info, but apparently not - it was a flat file. One of those parts of the system nobody has looked at for years. So anyway now I can make the change I need.

And! Also: potentially a big win for the BE. We have literally like 4 different map pages in our system, that fetch all kinds of data like locations of retailers, places where you can get the product serviced, another that logs special promotion events, and another that shows users' success stories, showing where they used the product & telling their stories about what they achieved. So now we've been asked to do another that's about supplies for the product, using yet another 3rd party API. I sat down with one of our younger guys & said "Look, this one for supplies - it's going to overlap hugely with the retailer location data. Why don't we split this out into the various API clients we need - one to build a map, another to retrieve the retailer locations, another to do the supplies, another for the user stories & all that - and make it one map system to rule them all, and scrap the different ones?" I think it'll make it a LOT more straightforward & we can use pluggable APIs, just swap in the service Impls as needed. I'm kinda stoked about that. It doesn't do much visible to the customer or the user, but it'll streamline expansions/extensions and simplify support. Headache reduction for my colleagues. :-)


Hi there. I think, despite probably needing a new more modern layout, I have relaunched my limited company website on top of Piranha CMS. inforhino.co.uk
Think it ticks enough boxes to be competitive.
So, now I can get on with building the reporting solution for my property platform - findigl.com which needs a lot of work to bring to life.


Published a small utility library for React on npm - npmjs.com/package/react-input-masking

Still have things I want to fix about it... but it's cool that it's out there and it works :)


I and my team put to together a Developer Conference- Concatenate Conference and it was a success πŸŽ‰


Got invited to speak about F# at .NET Conf Thailand.


I had implemetend if, loop statement to my language freq. It means, freq is now Turing Complete!


I got my Hacktoberfest pull requests done and wrote a few articles here. After health issues kept me from being any kind of productive at all the last couple weeks, this felt like a big win.


I started on my new job today after being laid off from my previous one last month 😊


Got my initial contract at work renewed...waiting to receive it but that was the best news I got all week! Also started writing a new post regarding Flask and my new humble web app, sharing it soon!


Upgraded our 35k+ lines project from elm 0.18 to 0.19 in just a few days of work.


Tomorrow we have a local hacktoberfest meetup and I will be one of the mentors in it to help people get started with open source :D


Got πŸ… 4 Week Streak Badge πŸ…

Awarded for consistency of writing. πŸŽ‰

  • Got over 4K reads and 64+ reactions on a post πŸŽ‰
  • Aced an interview I'm hoping for an offer on
  • Finally found the time to grok some more Spring Framework πŸ™ƒ

Started as a Developer Advocate at Nexmo this week!


My PRs over at GitHub are being accepted and merged by The Powers That Be.

For Ruby ENV, I'm working on:

  • In ruby/ruby, rdoc.
  • In ruby/spec, tests.

Both efforts ongoing.


Took three days off and did nothing. Major win!


I managed to finish the redesign of Procurement

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