I'm on the Stack Overflow Podcast!

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Over the summer, Sara Chipps shared some top secret information with me: The Stack Overflow podcast was in the middle of a revamp and she would be co-hosting with Paul Ford (gasp!) and Ben Popper. It was a no brainer "Yes!" when she asked me to be a guest.

You can listen to the episode right here on DEV, while you browse around:

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Major shout out to whoever came up with the episode name 😂

Fun fact: the first podcast I ever appeared on was actually the Stack Overflow podcast, back in 2017 where Anil Dash was a guest host (along with several people from the SO team). I was super terrified. This session was 1000x more fun. But I'm still scared to listen to it.

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I will claim credit for the amazing episode title and accept responsibility for the scattershot audio quality.

Big thanks to Jess for coming on and for sharing with this community :)


I hardly ever listen to podcasts... but I really enjoyed this one 👌

I love the honesty of how you folks at DEV team mention that you just indulged recently into developing through bootcamps and such (in a way that you don't care about other people judgement, cuz it's actually really really fine).

❤️ for DEV


Nice! I can't wait to listen to this. And that name really is awesome.


hot damn! stack overflow podcasts is a thing now too? how do we keep up with all this jazz ;)

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