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Jess Lee
Jess Lee

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Any book recommendations about women who laid down the foundations of computer science?

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Ben Halpern

I really enjoyed The Innovators which chronicled many of the most important women and men involved in crafting the science and industry.

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Nikola Brežnjak

May not be eeeeexactly what you're looking for, but I promise you you'll fall in love with these two books (and potentially even buy a dozen of them as gifts!):

I own a lot of books, wrote a few, read even more, and I'll say that these books fall into the top books ever. Probably why I'm so hyped up about them is because I get to read them to my daughter every night, and get to 'show' her how strong girls are made out to be/become 💪

Ada Lovelace is the first one portrayed in the book, and just the other day I asked my daughter which of the girls she likes the most; she said Ada, because she was a programmer as her dad (hey that's me). I melted ❤️

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Sheldon Nunes

Two recommendations for Grace Hopper:

1) Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age - This one focuses more on the computer development of the time and not so much directly about Grace Hopper. It is still an enthralling read.

2) Grace Hopper: Admiral of the Cyber Sea - This one is more of a bio on her but still has enough info on the computer aspects and contributions

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Tom Pearson

Programmed Inequality by Marie Hicks is fantastic book about the postwar British computing industry; how the contributions of the predominantly female technical workforce were first undervalued and then erased. It's not an easy read but I can't recommend it highly enough.

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Josefina R.
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Pioneer Programmer: Jean Jennings Bartik and the Computer that Changed the World

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Knut Melvær

Broad Band by Claire L. Evans is highly recommended! Enjoyed every single page of it 💯