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Nandini S Hinduja
Nandini S Hinduja

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What's the biggest problem you are facing in your career right now?

What is the biggest problem you are facing in your career right now? Here are mine:

  • I feel unproductive while working from home.
  • I feel like the commute takes away a lot of time, money and energy while working from office.
  • I feel stuck due to errors sometimes.
  • Sometimes I find it difficult to learn new technologies constantly.
  • Sometimes I feel like some people behave passive-aggressively at times.
  • I find it difficult to find high-paying clients while freelancing.
  • I find it difficult to earn stable money through freelancing.

What are the problems that you face at work or in your career? Let us know in the comments!

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Keith Solomon

The biggest problem I’m facing is a ruptured sagittal band in my hand…I can kinda type, but not with any real speed, and not for an extended amount of time. I have a splint currently, and it helps, but it reduces my speed further, because I’m limited to like two fingers on that hand when I’m wearing it.

I’ll likely need surgery to fix it, but I won’t find out until the 16th if that’s even a consideration yet. And if it is, it means 12 weeks of full immobilization.

Luckily, I was already being moved into more of a lead role, so my job is safe, but I miss building things…

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Nandini S Hinduja

sorry to hear!