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Reaching the final stage

This post should have been posted three weeks ago, but I didn't write it, so let's imagine that I wrote it three weeks ago :)

We start to enter the final set of releases: 3.0, this time, starting with its alpha version. Telescope has come a long way, and there will be some major changes that are still pending before Telescope 3.0 actually reaches.

A few things that I have to start working on are related to the Postgres backups that I promised a long time ago. Since now are going to use a real database ("real", as in persistent, sorry redis), we have to worry about the data we are storing, and the way we can take care of the data is by making backups and storing those backups in another place.

Well, we decided to break that issue in two steps: Figure out how to make the backups at all, and then figure out how to store those backups. At least, when we finish the first one, we will at least have some backups (although they are not going to be store in a separate location yet).

Also, I started to prepare writing the tests for the dependency-discovery service. More specifically, the tests for the routes /project and /github. To prepare for it, I went over the jest documentation, since my experience on writing tests is almost zero...

Either way, look forward to the new release!

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