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Before the finale...

Although I should have written this post a week ago, I'm glad I am writing it now, since I feel that I can properly divide the topics I would like to talk about in this and next blog post.

For the people that lack context: OSD700 is a course option given to students taking certain programs in Seneca College. As part of the course work, you are supposed to contribute to this open source project that the school gives support to: Telescope.

I would like to talk more about this, but I want to leave it for next post, as it would be the final one that I would have to write on Telescope directly. It does not mean that I will stop writing about Telescope, instead, I would stop writing about it in the context of the OSD700. I may approach different ways on how to talk about Telescope, and experiment a little bit more!

Either way, this post and the next one are the opposite sides of the same coin, that coin representing the finale of this "emotional" character development arc of mine (not really). For the last post, I would like to do a recap upon my adventure on this course, what I hope I had learned, what I managed to contribute to Telescope as a whole, and my aspirations going forward.

However, we gotta talk about what we are going to ship in Telescope 3.0, right? Since old habits die hard, we still are going to talk about the PRs that I managed to contribute for 3.0, as well as what else went into release 3.0. Also, it is not like this release is going to be the last one in Telescope, there's still plenty of work to be done!

So, what's up with the release?!

Well, this release was wild! It is kind of unfortunate that we couldn't have a calmed release for the final one (instead, the alpha release was much calmer...). There are a couple of problems that are going to be addressed throughout the weekend, because the team was starting to feel tired after a long meeting session where we prepared the remaining PRs for merging.

What did you manage to submit for 3.0.0?

Most of the PRs I did for this release were small, since I was taking a step back to focus on other courses that I had to pay attention to.

The most remarkable one would be moving the Star field element that @dbelokon worked on #3149 to docusaurus. This one was fairly straightforward to do, since I had to do something similar in the past (throwback to what I had to do related to WebAssembly!). I did not add any new code, but instead I adapted it to Docusaurus. I had to follow up with a few fixes, since the original PR was missing something that nobody noticed until it was time to build and deploy the docs.

You can also include the documentation for the beloved dependency-discovery service, that describes the API of the service in a more detailed manner.

And that's pretty much it. I did work on other PRs, but they were small fixes to stuff I had to fix so I could other tasks.

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