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Udacity | SUSE: Orchestration - Kubernetes Labs

This is the tenth article in the series, Udacity: SUSE Cloud Native Foundations. This article will contain the exercises and labs from the previous sections on Kubernetes.

Please note that this is an on-going exercises. I'll be updating this once I'm done with the labs, probably on Saturday (26-Jun-2021). Stay tune! πŸ˜„

This section will contain multiple labs:

Lab 1 - Deploying a Kubernetes Cluster using k3s

Lab 2 - Deploying a Kubernetes Cluster using kind

Lab 3 - Deploying an Application using Kubernetes Resources

Lab 4 - Access an Application using Kubernetes Resource

Lab 5 - Creating Configmaps and Secrets

Lab 6 - Creating a Namespace within a Kubernetes Cluster

Lab 7 - Deploying Resources using kubectl

The objective of this lab is to create the following resources:

  • a namespace

    • name: demo
    • label: tier: test
  • a deployment:

    • image: nginx:alpine
    • name:nginx-apline
    • namespace: demo
    • replicas: 3
    • labels: app: nginx, tag: alpine
  • a service:

    • expose the above deployment on port 8111
    • namespace: demo
  • a configmap:

    • name: nginx-version
    • containing key-value pair: version=alpine
    • namespace: demo

Note: Nginx is one of the public Docker images, that you can access and use for your exercises or testing purposes.

Lab 8 - Deploying Resources through a Declarative Approach

Edge Case: Failing Control Plane for Kubernetes

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See you there!

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