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How to create cover images in with the title and author's name?

I've been seeing articles here in with the banner/cover image showing the article's title, the publish date, and the author's name, plus the DEV logo a the right side, similar to the one below:

Image description

More examples:
Image description

I followed the instruction on this link but I'm having no luck in creating the "auto-generated banner from the article's title".

I did find this link about how "automated images" are created but I was wondering if there's other options that other people here is using?

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Hi Eden,
I don't think that the link you have in the article solves your problem, because the intro only shows how the cover_image-tag is used.

It is meant to include an existing image. Your problem is that you want to dynamically create a new image, and this requires you to have some sort of code / server running in my experience.

I use vercel for creating dynamic images

Or you can read their their blog post