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Emergence of AI: Savior Tech or Fear Mongering Machine?

kind of confused on the whole fear mongering situation with AI. i understand where people are coming from and the very real fear of losing jobs to this thing but instead of doing this, shouldn't we rejoice at such thing? a system this complex could be a blessing to human kind as a whole.

My main question with Artificial Intelligence has always been "Based on the emerging technology of Chatgpt and other's alike, could it be possible to apply these AI capabilities to applications that have a broader reach for example: how can we offer this same product to those who do not have the luxuries of internet/wifi but can somehow feel the effect and reach of such thing. could i be through farming, crop management solutions in impoverished countries that will maximize crop yield?"

Given the current state of the world, and the loss of cultural intellectuality that was prior passed through generations by word of mouth and necessity, many of these things are being lost to time and our newer generations are losing interest in, could we possibly employ the excitement of having an ever knowing robot/system at someone's disposal to learn? or whenever the need arises?

Not to say i am some kind of genius, which i'm very very far from and would hate to try to come across as a wannabe, but i do like to wonder beyond my technical capabilities and the possibilities beyond what is currently possible.

these are my two cents for today.

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