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Made a Edible Seed Database (SeedSphere)

As technology has advanced, we have become increasingly disconnected from the basics of farming and seed cultivation.

That's why I created a platform/database: to rekindle our appreciation for the bounty of the earth and celebrate the incredible diversity of edible seeds available to us.

Whether you're a food enthusiast, a survivalist, or just curious about the natural world, this database is the perfect place to rediscover new seeds and share your knowledge with others.

Then I made an update on the SeedSphere Application Database I made a few weeks after, just needed time to think of other features and information I wanted to include.

Growing up in a family of farmers and cattle ranchers, I always embraced the idea of making that aspect of my life easier through innovation and technology.

Becoming a Full Stack Software Developer gave me a new perspective and opened doors to bring my ideas to fruition.

Merging my farming knowledge with my software development skills, data gathering I came to the conclusion of making an app I would use myself.

This app is an accomplishment to the power of aligning personal interests with hard skills.

It was built with the intention of providing a centralized location for seed information, making it a tool that every farmer, gardener, or agricultural enthusiast can appreciate and enjoy.

From seed form, function, and dispersal methods, to nutritional and growth facts, and germination - this database offers a bit of everything.

It's the perfect blend of agrarian wisdom and technological convenience.

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any plans to launch? 🚀