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Demoting My Career To Be A Social Agile Coach

Jayme Edwards πŸƒπŸ’»
After working on over 30 software projects, I'm coaching developers to get respect, keep growing, and have a life!
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After working in corporate America for so many years, I have a β€œfilter” that I'm trying to lose.

It’s been hard for me to talk about some of the problems with tech culture that I want to fix online - because I’m used to being a consultant.

I usually have to be very careful what I say due to the company politics at my clients.

My videos might be controversial at some companies...

But someone has to talk about this stuff!

I get tired of trying to help software teams and then having to leave, only to find out later they didn’t implement my recommendations!

But online, I can be completely honest and can help you fix your company without hiring an β€œagile coach” or someone else like me.

It feels like the purpose of my career at this point, is to share what I've learned from consulting for free online, to help as many people as possible.

I'm probably going to just get a remote senior developer position for now to support my family.

No commute will give me time to make more videos, do live streams, and find other better ways to serve you.

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Discussion (2)

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Jan Mewes

Maybe an interview with Andy Hunt about his GROWS method would fit into your YouTube channel....

jaymeedwards profile image
Jayme Edwards πŸƒπŸ’» Author

I’ll check it out. Thanks Jan!

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