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3 Embarrassing Stories From My Software Development Career

jaymeedwards profile image Jayme Edwards πŸƒπŸ’» Updated on ・1 min read

With all the challenges in the software industry with languages, frameworks, and processes...

It's easy to forget we're human.

I've been sharing some serious level 301 agile nerdgasm content lately, so I made this episode to just have some fun. πŸ€—

Here are three stories of times I did something embarrassing in my software development career.

Do you have some fun or embarrassing stories to share about yourself, or other people who made innocent mistakes that make work fun?

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00:17 The Story Of The Disappearing Debugger
05:42 The Story Of The Light-Headed Developer
08:37 The Story Of The Scented Consultant

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After working on over 30 software projects, I'm coaching developers to get respect, keep growing, and have a life!


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Ha-ha. When I was a junior dev I once deleted a project the whole company was working on. We used CVS and it was possible to see the projects repos on the network share. We were looking at that folder to fix or find something there. And I somehow awkwardly grabbed the mouse and I clicked a button and the mouse moved a little. I didn't even realized it at first. A minute later we all realize our current company project is missing from the server. ALARM! ALARM! People really freaked out, thought we were hacked, switched off the internet connection, started trying to figure out what just happened. Full on panic mode... Ten minutes later I found it. It was dragged to the sibling folder and ended up inside of it. Phew!


LOL!!! That's a great story! Glad you recovered OK from it, that could have been much worse hehe :).


4/5 years ago I wrote a SQL script, I tested it in test database and it was working, so I run it in Production database.
I ended up setting the whole Public Hospital patients names and lastname records to "IRIS MABEL", "CASTIΓ‘EIRA".... I never forget that name πŸ˜‚


In my defense I detected it almost inmediatly and rollbacked that with an earlier backup... phew, that's adrenaline.


Ha! Awesome. It’s in those moments I’m sometimes amazed at how creative and resourceful we can be to recover. Nice save 🀣


Just the other day I waa working on a project on firebase, and was trying to figure out what the recent developers did to mess up the image uploads, asked the client if it was OK to delete the finished orders he said yes apart from one made and update and saw the whole database overwritten with my new data I thought greeaaaaaaaaat luckily there was a backup from a month ago with that order in.

I have no idea why I didn't even download the images much less do a back up anyway πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Ha! Human like the rest of us 🀣. At least you can laugh at it now right? Glad they had a backup!!!