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Jayme Edwards 🍃💻
Jayme Edwards 🍃💻

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How Agile Teams Grow Toxic! Episode 4 | Commitments

Does it ever feel like you'd get so much more done if it weren't for how much work people have you do to make commitments?

Today I'd like to help you understand whether the development team you're on is making commitments in a way that's compatible with the people at the company -

...or will stress them out and put the software project at risk!

Since most teams I have worked with aren't really agile, I'm focusing on helping you with the risks with commitments between the wrong people - which often happens in "traditional" software development companies.

Whether you're a programmer, in UX, or maybe operations - commitments that are too strict, or too unrealistic, put your job and the success of the project in danger.

Let me share with you some insights I've learned about how commitments can cause agile teams to grow toxic.

Afterwards, I'll give you some actionable tips on what you can do to cope with traditional (non-agile) teams that require unrealistic commitments.

I hope this helps you select the best project for your career, or if you're on an unhealthy team - protect yourself so you have the best chance of being successful!

Visit my site to watch the entire 25 minute video (or listen as a podcast):

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