How did you get your first job as a developer?

jasonfritsche profile image Jason Fritsche ・1 min read

Please share your story of how you landed your first dev job.


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I was on work placement for college (technically my first job) and was in a coworking space and the person sitting behind me needed a web developer to help with their start up.
Am still working there 3 and a half years later
frankli.io for anyone interested


That's awesome, Shane! Were you familiar with their stack when you joined?


Nope, had to learn as we went along


I was an Operations intern at Microsoft Online China, but I helped a project manager making websites when their devs are busy at other projects.
When I graduated from college, I applied for Software Development Engineer and became a full time dev making websites.
Sadly, none of the websites is still online after 10 years.


I was working as IT support before my college graduation. At that time, I was doing an intern. The firm needs some updates for interior applications, and I've offered me to do that. After my college graduation, they hired me, and later I have accepted a job as a developer to another company.


I told the owner of the company I worked for that their site was terrible. He told me to fix it and the rest is history.


Pure unadulterated luck.


Sticking around may have required some gumption I guess.


I was forced into it.