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One thing I wish I knew when I first started to code is... : CodeNewbie Podcast

Hi and welcome back to CodeNewbie Podcast, our little corner of the internet in which we share weekly interviews with tech professionals to give you supportive advice to further your knowledge about software development.

This week we released a new episode with our host @saronyitbarek's husband, Rob Frelow, Co-founder & Chief AI Officer at The Storygraph.

Rob tells us about his long-time love of technology that began when he was two, what first got him into AI, and how The Storygraph utilizes his AI system to gather data about books.

Side note: This has got to be one of my favorite episodes we have put out y'all. I love to track my reading goals and just found The Storygraph a few months ago and absolutely fell in love with their system. It felt like so serendipitous that I use their site all the time, that we got to have Rob on the podcast, AND that Rob and Saron are married. How beautiful is the world, holy heck.

If you would like to listen you can:

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Or, listen wherever you normally get your podcasts.

At the end of each episode we have four main questions we ask our guests, then I bring my favorite question of the week over here, where we can chat all about it.

This week's question is: "What is one thing that you wish you knew when you first started to code?"

Rob had a great response, which you'll have to tune in to hear fully, about the need to be prepared for errors. He sai that one of the first college projects he worked for he pulled an all nighter for, he had 133 errors. When he found the cause it was because of 1 semicolon, and once he fixed that it fixed everything. In his words, "It shouldn’t work the first time you try it! All problems are solvable!"

So without further ado, tell me what you wish you knew when you first started to code!

See ya next week with our new episode.

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Povilas Brilius


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Sukhpinder Singh

Initially, so many programming languages intimidated me, making me apprehensive about diving into coding.

That is the reason I didn't even pay much attention towards coding in my college days.

However, very late discovered that mastering a single language lays the groundwork for easily adapting to other languages