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Jasmin Virdi
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Submission Digital Ocean App Platform Hackathon- Slack App

What I built

A slack app which will help users to exchange sensitive slack messages in the form of QR Code. The QR Code will last for 30 secs and will be deleted post the timelimit.

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App Link

How to use the App? (Description and Screenshots)

  • Visit the above mentioned link and click on Add to Slack button to authorise user.

Alt Text

  • Once authorised you will be redirected to grant permissions page to allow the app to access your workspace.

Alt Text

  • Once approved you'll get a success message saying that the App is added to your workspace.

Alt Text

  • Now you have the app added in your workspace. Enter the command /secure-share in your message editor. A dialog box will be prompted asking for your message and a dropdown to select the user/channel.

Alt Text

Note- To use the app in the channel you first need to add the app to the channel

  • Once the sender submit the details the recipient will get the QR code link from where he can access the file. This file link can only be accessed by the receiver.

Alt Text

  • After 30 secs the user will get the message that file is deleted and cannot be accessed!πŸ’₯

Alt Text.

Link to Source Code

GitHub logo Jasmin2895 / secure-share

A slack app which allows you share sensitive information more securely.



A slack app which allows you to share sensitive data across slack more securely in the form of QR Code. The QR code generated will last for 30 secs and after that it will be deleted permanently.


  • Node Js web server using Express Js
  • Slack APIs to interact with the slack interface and perform CRUD Operations.


  • Slack account
  • Member of any currently active workspace on slack.



Deployed on

Deploy to DO

Permissive License

MIT chosen


There are often times when we shared some message over slack which might contain some crucial information and can be misused. In such cases we need to make sure that the message is deleted or be careful of not sharing sensitive data, specially in case of organisational resources.

I have done this too 😜 which turned out to be the source of my project idea. This app will help you to share the message in form QR Code which will auto expire after 30 secs.

How I built it

I deployed my Node App on Digital Ocean Server. I created a Droplet where I managed all of my app resources. This was pretty straightforward and easy with help of documentations and articles available on web.

Installing ngnix and pointing DigitalOcean Nameservers From Common Domain Registrars became easy with setup guide.

Deployment and setup on Digital Ocean platform is very simple and quick. I really liked and enjoyed my journey while setting up my App on Digital Ocean. Kudos to the team πŸ˜‡

Additional Resources/Info

I will be sharing my whole journey and steps I followed from inception to go live stage of the app in my upcoming post. I will be detailing more about slack integrations and node app setup from initial to final phase.

All ears for feedbacks and suggestions!πŸ‘‚

Happy Coding!πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

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I like it!

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Jasmin Virdi

Glad, you did!

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krishna kakade

Cool stuffπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

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Jasmin Virdi

Thank you, Krishna!πŸ™‚