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Powerful Resources Arsenal

Welcome to my curated collection of powerful resources that have been incredibly helpful to me, and I hope they will be just as valuable for you too! Instead of the usual articles and product pages, I've handpicked a selection of WhatsApp groups and LinkedIn profiles that are true gems in their own right.

Get ready to embark on a journey of knowledge, connection, and growth with these unique resources. Let's dive in and elevate our experiences together! 📚💬🔗

Table of contents

  1. WhatsApp groups of interest
  2. LinkedIn Profiles
    1. Microsoft profiles
    2. Influencers, MVP's & other Microsoft profiles

WhatsApp Groups

Welcome to my buzzing hub of Microsoft-related WhatsApp groups!

As a Microsoft enthusiast, I've come across some fantastic communities that cater to various interests. If you're into Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Pages, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, or simply seeking expert Q&A, you're in for a treat! These groups, created by passionate individuals, offer a treasure trove of knowledge and insights.

So, come join our vibrant community! Let's connect, learn, and grow as we unleash the full potential of Microsoft! 🚀💬👥

LinkedIn Profiles

Welcome to an exclusive compilation of invaluable LinkedIn profiles that promise to elevate your Microsoft experience!

In the first group, immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Power Platform, Power Apps, Power Automate, Viva, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and much more. These profiles are a treasure trove of expertise, brought to you by seasoned Microsoft professionals who breathe innovation.

In the second group, you'll find an elite gathering of Microsoft MVPs, influential personalities, and other esteemed profiles delving into a myriad of captivating topics beyond the Microsoft ecosystem. From cutting-edge technologies to industry insights, their wisdom knows no bounds.

Get ready to expand your network and stay ahead of the curve with these exceptional LinkedIn profiles. Let's connect and unlock the full potential of Microsoft together! 🌐🔗💼

Microsoft Profiles

Power Platform

  • Reza Dorrani - Principal Program Manager @ Microsoft | Power CAT | Content Creator - Connect
  • Daniel Laskewitz - Senior Cloud Advocate 🥑 (Power Platform) at Microsoft - Connect
  • David Warner II - Microsoft Community Program Manager #PowerPlatform | M365 Platform Community (PnP) Team Member | Office Development MVP Alumni - Connect
  • Jack Rowbotham - Microsoft Product Marketing Manager | Power Platform and Conversational AI - Connect
  • Charles Lamanna - Corporate Vice President, Business Apps & Platform at Microsoft - Connect
  • April Dunnam - Principal Power Platform Advocacy Team Lead🥑 at Microsoft ◉ YouTuber ◉ Speaker ◉ LinkedIn Learning Course Author ◉ Low Code Revolution Host - Connect
  • Scott Sewell - Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Fabric for the Power Platform - Connect
  • Ilya Fainberg - Speaker | Author | Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft - Connect
  • Phil Topness - Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Power Platform Customer Advisory Team (Power CAT) - Connect


  • Dan Holme - Product leader at Microsoft - Viva Engage, storyline & stories, personal networks, and leader communications - Connect
  • Wim Coorevits - Product Manager Lead at Microsoft Viva Insights - Connect

SharePoint Online & OneDrive

  • Vesa Juvonen - Principal Product Manager at Microsoft. Follow for Microsoft 365 and community topics - Connect
  • James Eccles - Senior Customer Experience Program Manager, Microsoft Syntex - Connect
  • Jason Moore - VP of Product for OneDrive ☁️ & Microsoft Lists. Deeply in 💖 with Files, Folders, & Lists. - Connect
  • Bill Baer - Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Search, Assistant, and Intelligence & Microsoft Syntex at Microsoft Corporation - Connect
  • Stephen Rice - Principal Product Manager, OneDrive & SharePoint, Microsoft - Connect
  • Mark Kashman - Senior Product Manager at Microsoft (SharePoint) - Connect
  • Zach Rosenfield - Product Executive at Microsoft. Enterprise SaaS, PaaS, Microsoft Syntex, SharePoint & OneDrive Expertise - Connect
  • Marc Mroz - Principal Program Manager Lead - Office Media Group - Microsoft Stream at Microsoft - Connect

Influencers, MVP's & other Microsoft profiles

  • Michel Mendes - Microsoft MVP (Business Applications + M365 Apps and Services) | Senior Consultant at Avanade | Microsoft 365 | Power Platform | SharePoint - Connect
  • Matthew Devaney - Microsoft Biz Apps MVP, Consultant at Hitachi Solutions Canada - Connect
  • Daniel Christian - Lead Infrastructure Engineer / Vice President | Microsoft MCT & MVP | Speaker & Blogger - Connect
  • Gregory Zelfond - SharePoint Consultant: Helping Businesses Streamline Collaboration Through Consulting, Training, and Configuration - Connect
  • Shane Young - Power Apps and Power Automate MVP for PowerApps911 - Connect
  • Luise Freese - Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Consultant - Changing the world one app at a time! - Connect
  • Kristine Kolodziejski - Microsoft MVP || Senior Manager @ EY || Developer || UI/UX Designer || 13x Microsoft Certified Professional || #PrinCSS || - Connect
  • Lisa Crosbie - Technology Evangelist and Advisor | Microsoft Business Applications MVP | Content Creator - Connect
  • Nacho Cepa - Power Platform MVP | Tech Lead @ isolutions | YouTube Partner | Twitch affiliate | Solutions Architect - Connect
  • Scott Durow - Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Co-founder & Technical Architect #ProCodeNoCodeUnite - Connect
  • Vlad Catrinescu - Microsoft MVP | MCT Regional Lead | Author of 60 courses at Pluralsight and 3 books with Apress - Connect
  • David Wyatt - Senior Staff Engineer - Intelligent Automation Developer - Connect
  • Ami Diamond - Microsoft MVP |SharePoint Online | Microsoft Teams |Microsoft 365| Expert at DeePlan (formally P.Z Projects) - Connect
  • Ralf Heid - CTO at ICT | Microsoft 365 Expert | Blogger at | Power Platform | SharePoint | Viva - Connect
  • Joanne C Klein - Advanced Compliance consultant for Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365 MVP, Microsoft Partner - Connect
  • David Hurtado Torán - Innovation & Technology made easy | Innovation Lead at Microsoft - Connect
  • Carlos de Huerta Mezquita - Technology Strategy @Microsoft | Startup Founders Mentor | Azure OpenAI Service Champ - Connect
  • Jesus Serrano - Principal Program Manager @ Microsoft | Sportainment Innovation Lead & Research | International Speaker - Connect


The beauty of this resource collection lies in its collaborative nature, and we encourage you to actively participate in its growth. Your contributions can make a significant difference in enriching this list further.

If you have come across remarkable WhatsApp groups that delve into Microsoft's Power Platform, Power Apps, Power Automate, Viva, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, or any other relevant topic, I want to hear from you! Likewise, if you know of influential LinkedIn profiles that transcend the Microsoft realm, we'd love to include them too.

But that's not all! We are open to exploring additional tools and resources that have been valuable to you in your Microsoft journey. Whether it's an insightful blog, an interactive community forum, or any other resource, your suggestions will broaden the horizons of our collection.

To contribute, simply leave a comment below this article with your recommendations. Your input will not only help fellow enthusiasts but also foster a thriving collaborative community that fuels continuous learning and growth.

Let's unite our knowledge and passion to create a comprehensive and dynamic resource hub that empowers us all to thrive in the Microsoft world! Together, we can make a difference! 🌟🔗💼


The inclusion of individuals and groups on this list of resources is solely based on publicly available information and my personal experiences. If you are mentioned in this compilation and prefer to be removed or have different information displayed, please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Your privacy and preferences are of utmost importance. If you wish to be removed from the list or have any changes made to the information associated with your profile, kindly reach out to me directly through Substack, LinkedIn or profiles. I will promptly accommodate your request and ensure that the necessary modifications are made accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding, and I truly appreciate your cooperation in keeping this resource list accurate and respectful to everyone's preferences.

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