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Creating a Fun and Engaging Workplace - Exploring the Magic of Together Emojis

Microsoft has introduced a feature that can add some fun to your workdays and those of your colleagues. It's something small but can bring a lot of joy among employees. We're talking about Together emojis, emoticons that are meant to be used together.

In this article, you'll read about my experience using them with my coworkers. Special thanks to them for allowing me to explore this feature and see how far we can take it (so far).

By the way, the original article can be found at Celebrate success using Together Emojis in Microsoft Teams, written by Sam Cundall.

How to use Together Emojis

Using Together emojis is incredibly simple. All you have to do is navigate to a chat in Microsoft Teams and select the high-five emoji. Then, without anyone typing anything additional, a teammate needs to send the same emoji. From that moment on, both you and your teammate will see an animation where the two emojis give each other a high-five.

High-five emoji example from Microsoft Teams chat window

As you can see, it's a breeze to use. For now, it only works with this specific emoji, but according to the article, more emojis of this kind will be added in the future.

The effect still works if you send more emojis consecutively after the initial two.

My Personal Experience Using Together Emojis

Over the past week, I've introduced the power of the high-five emoji to my colleagues on various occasions, and the results have been incredibly satisfying.

The initial reaction to the emoji is one of amusement, serving as a source of playfulness and creating enjoyable moments. Soon enough, I could see smiles lighting up the faces of my coworkers through their chat messages—well, at least that's how I interpreted them 😉

Conversation showing a third high-five

Once the novelty of the fun wore off, we started using the emoji to celebrate successes and achievements, regardless of their magnitude. The important thing was to congratulate our teammates and share a collective sense of joy for a job well done.

Lastly, I want to emphasize the boost in morale that comes from receiving and, in turn, sending another emoji in response to a colleague. It's vital to reciprocate to foster a sense of camaraderie, and this emoji effectively enhances the bond among coworkers. The act of acknowledging and celebrating each other's accomplishments using these emojis creates an uplifting atmosphere and strengthens our connection as a team.

The Benefits of using Together Emojis

When it comes to using Together emojis, employees can reap a multitude of benefits that enhance their overall work experience.

Firstly, these emojis foster a sense of closeness and camaraderie among colleagues. By engaging in the shared experience of using these emojis, employees can strengthen their bonds, even in remote work settings. The simple act of sending and receiving the Together emojis creates a feeling of connection, breaking down barriers and promoting a more collaborative work environment.

Conversation with funny conclusion

Secondly, these emojis bring joy, fun, and a positive boost to the workplace. In the midst of busy workdays, receiving a high-five animation or witnessing the playful collision of emojis can instantly lift spirits and lighten the mood. The element of surprise and delight that Together emojis bring adds an extra layer of excitement to team interactions. It's a small but meaningful way to inject a dose of positivity into everyday conversations and celebrate shared accomplishments.

Whether it's acknowledging a job well done, cheering on a colleague, or simply spreading positivity, these emojis serve as virtual pats on the back, fostering a culture of encouragement and mutual appreciation among coworkers.

To wrap up

In conclusion, Together emojis in Microsoft Teams offer a simple yet powerful way to enhance the employee experience and foster a positive work environment. These emojis promote closeness, camaraderie, and collaboration among colleagues, even in remote settings. They bring joy, fun, and a sense of celebration to daily interactions, uplifting spirits and injecting positivity into the workplace.

Whether it's acknowledging achievements, cheering on teammates, or spreading positivity, Together emojis serve as virtual pats on the back, fostering a culture of encouragement and appreciation. By adding a touch of animation and celebration to chats, these small gestures have a significant impact on employee engagement and team bonding.

So, why not give your chats a high-five with Together emojis and experience the positive vibes they bring to your workday?


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This is a very wholesome post! Kuddos on these topics! Framing these screenshots would’ve been chef’s kiss! I’ve created a simple tool to help with this. Check it out and let me know what you think!


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Nice app!!!! As you can see, I framed all the images ;)

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❤️ Thanks! All feedback is welcome! I’d appreciate if you Star the GitHub repo too! 🙏🏼